Nigella Lawson says she never took turning 60 "for granted".

Just when the clocks turn back and the leaves turn crisp orange, Nigella Lawson, the queen of all things comfort, announces her new book and series Cook, Eat, Repeat. Ahead of her new show, the TV chef gives an in-depth interview on Good Housekeeping. Nigella Lawson has revealed she never took turning 60 for granted because of the death of someone close to her. She explained that her experience taught her a lot about enjoying the moment and being with people.

Lawson is the December cover star of Good Housekeeping . She 'll be back on your screens on November 9th with "Cook, Eat, Repeat." When it comes to the holidays in her family, she explains: "I'm not a planner - except for food. But to be honest, I never take it for granted that I'll make it to this age."

The iconic TV chef and author explained that with her mother passing away at 48, her sister at 32 and her late husband John Diamond at 47, she "didn't think I would be around" See yourself here”. However, this seems to give her a unique way of aging. "When you're surrounded by people who are dying young and you're saying 'my hair is terrible, I have to get my roots done' or 'my hands look like lizards', it feels wrong. So I don’t get into it. As long as you’re healthy, that’s really the most important thing.”

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Lawson said cook, eat, repeat is her mantra in life, and the new range and recipes will include delicious offerings such as chocolate peanut butter cake, crab mac and cheese and gluten-free fish stew. During lockdown, she took to Twitter to offer advice to panicked chefs, telling Good Housekeeping , "It's weird because I live in a remote place but feel more connected."

You can watch Cook, Eat, Repeat on BBC Two at 8pm on 9 November, with Lawson's new cookbook now available.