Pink Velvet Macchiato returns to Dunkin’ this Valentine’s Day

If your love language is donuts, you're going to want to listen because Dunkin's 2021 Valentine's Day menu just launched, and they're just as delicious as you'd expect. Some eagle-eyed Reddit users spotted these holiday treats last month. Now, Dunkin' has officially announced its upcoming Valentine's Day treats this year.

According to an emailed press release, Dunkin' is bringing back some beloved Valentine's Day merchandise to get you filled with love ASAP. First, let’s talk about donuts. Two holiday classics are returning for Valentine's Day 2021: Cupid's Choice donuts and brownie batter donuts. The latter, as the name suggests, has a chocolate brownie batter-flavored buttercream filling and is sprinkled with chocolate frosting. Cupid's Choice is filled with Bavarian cream and strawberry-flavored frosting. Both varieties are heart-shaped and topped with Bling Sprinkles, which are just like regular Sprinkles, but shinier and therefore tastier.

On the drinks front, Dunkin' is re-introducing the Pink Velvet Macchiato and Mocha Macchiato, both of which were first introduced last Valentine's Day. The Mocha Macchiato combines espresso and chocolate and pairs perfectly with any boxed truffle. The Pink Velvet Macchiato drink features the flavor of red velvet cake with a hint of cream cheese frosting. In other words, it's like a drinkable red velvet cake. If you're drinking an iced drink, both have a layered feel, which is perfect for Instagram if you don't mind looking thirsty with your main drink.


In addition to drinks and donuts, Dunkin' is taking Valentine's Day a step further this year with the Marriage is on The Menu contest. Dunkin' has partnered with I Do Drive Thru to offer a select few couples the opportunity and/or curse to get married at a Dunkin' Drive Thru. What exactly does a Dunkin' wedding entail? Well, it comes with a Dunkin' gift basket filled with wedding gear, a professional photographer and a $500 cash prize. If this sounds like a donut dream come true, you can find the rules to enter here.

As you might expect, Dunkin' Happy Valentine's Day, like the holiday itself, is only available for a limited time. You should see these menu items start popping up at your local Dunkin' starting today, January 27th. There's almost all of February—until February 23, to be exact—to indulge in all things heart-shaped and pink.

If you're looking for other ways to show your love, check out Dunkin' new Dunkfetti donuts. A rainbow-speckled concoction pairs confetti cake batter with Dunkin' original glazed donuts. Dunkin' is no longer discrete - their donuts are just deep-fried cupcakes with a hole in the middle. This latest creation is basically an excuse to eat Funfetti cake for breakfast. If this isn't love, then I don't know what love is.