Princess Diana's Saturday Night Ritual Involved Blind Dates and This Takeaway

In 2016, a former Buckingham Palace chef revealed what Princess Diana usually ate in a day. But what about the odd takeaway? Some members of the royal family have been known to indulge in cheeky Nando's or Indian food from time to time, and according to chef Darren McGrady, the Princess of Wales has her own particular favorite dish.

As Maddie explained to the Mirror , Diana owed her preference for McDonald's to Princes William and Harry. He recalled one day when the princess suddenly canceled a lunch for the boys so she could take them to Maccy D's. After telling the royals he could easily make them burgers, she replied: "No, it's the toy they want."

According to Princess Diana's former butler Paul Burrell, the trio loved McDonald's so much that they reportedly held a ceremony around it on Saturday. "The three of them would go to McDonald's for a Big Mac and fries and then come back and watch Blind Date," he told the Mirror on another occasion. “The three of them would be squatting on this giant stuffed hippopotamus in Diana’s living room.”

This isn't Diana's only favorite takeout meal. According to the London City Call travel guide, the Princess of Wales is a regular customer of local pizza shop Da Mario on Gloucester Road. To express Diana's love for the restaurant, her name is engraved on the steps of the restaurant, and there is a large mural inside "Diana and Mario standing in front of the pizza, looking down at it greedily".

Pascal J. Le Segretan/Sygma/Getty Images

It's unclear whether Princess Diana's love of McDonald's or pizza was inherited by her sons, but they have both publicly expressed their fondness for another takeaway chain, Nando's. Prince William also loves good Indian food, revealing in an interview with Peter Crouch that he even ordered a local curry to the palace via Uber Eats.

"[Kate] likes a little spice. I'm not very good at spicy food," the prince explained. “Chicken Masala, love this, has some flavor. Let’s just say I’m not a curry rice person.”