More nailing it! Mexican drama may not be that far away

If you just finished your marathon of the new season of Nailed It! Already hungry for more episodes , Mexico has some good and bad news. harm? Netflix has yet to announce whether the show will return for a fourth season. How are you? Considering Netflix continues to expand Nailed! Franchise. In addition to the Mexican version, Netflix has also started streaming Nailed It! After the 2018 holiday season , the series will launch international versions in France, Germany and Spain.

As for when audiences can expect to see another potential "Made It!" ” Mexico Season 2 was discontinued six months after the show premiered. Season 3 was released on January 5th, shortening the time between seasons to just 5 months, so they don't appear to be following any specific time frame. But fans may be planning the next season around mid-2021, depending on how the ongoing coronavirus pandemic affects filming.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to the original version of “It Made It!” "The fifth season. series. Although Netflix has yet to officially confirm season five, a casting call in April 2020 stated that filming for the next batch of episodes was scheduled to take place between May 1 and July 31. English season may be upon us.