Greggs' new vegan sausage, beans and sausage CheeZe Melt is launching soon

Whether it's a Cornish pasty or a humble sausage roll, when you want a pastry for lunch, the only real option is Greggs. The bakery is known for its impressive vegan menu and Greggs is launching a new vegan sausage, bean and cheese melt. "Another legend made vegan," Greggs wrote in a video posted on Instagram showing off the tasty treat.

The vegan sausage, beans, and cheese melts are prepared much like their meat counterparts. It's wrapped in crispy pastry. The classic sausage, beans and cheese melt is filled with pork sausage and cheese. However, the vegan version includes meat-free sausage, grated plain and mozzarella-flavored vegan cheese, and tangy baked beans.

Hannah Squirrell, account director at Greggs, said: “The latest additions to our menu offer customers another vegan-friendly alternative to one of our most iconic menu items. As we launch our new vegan sausage , Vegan Beans and CheeZe Melt to expand our vegan options, we mark another milestone as we continue our journey to become our customers’ favorite grab-and-go food destination.”

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The new vegan sausages, cheeZe and soy milk are priced from £1.60 and join Greggs' growing vegan and meat-free menu. Vegan sausage rolls became a hit after being added to the menu in 2019. Since then, they have also developed a vegan version of their super popular steak bake.

The vegan sausage, beans and cheese melt will hit Gregg's bakery shelves on August 5, 2021. You can go in-store and order online via click and collect or order on Just Eat. If you're planning on getting started on launch day, you'll probably want to act fast. One person wrote on Instagram: "What a wonderful time to be alive." Another said: "I can't wait!" Others simply requested: "Please pay my fees."