You Can Now Buy Lea & Palins Canned Bloody Marys

In case you missed the memo, this year marks the 100th anniversary of the creation of the classic cocktail, the Bloody Mary. This beloved combination of tomato juice, vodka and celery was first brewed in Paris in 1921 and has stood the test of time. To commemorate its 100th anniversary, Bloody Drinks has teamed up with Lea & Perrins to bring us a new and improved version of their canned Bloody Mary - the Bloody Classic.

What’s special about this collaboration? Well, that means now, in addition to the standard ingredients in Bloody Drinks’ Bloody Classic (tomato juice, vodka, Amontillado sherry, fresh lemon juice, our own pickle juice, a dash of soy and TABASCO® Brand Pepper Sauce) Plus, you can now enjoy a touch of authentic Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce to make it special.

Bloody Drinks was founded by two friends in 2019, and Lea & Perrins said they are "delighted to be part of the fascinating history of the Bloody Mary and to be working with the canned Bloody Mary experts at Bloody Drinks 100 years after its creation."

Bloody Drinks co-founders Harry Farnham and Will Best said in a statement: "Lea & Perrins embodies what makes a Bloody Mary unique. It's delicious, with a subtle sweetness, pronounced flavor and a peppery finish."

Canned bloody mary drink

To celebrate the partnership, Bloody Drinks has released 1,921 limited-edition cans for you to get your hands on, available now on their website .

But don't worry if you missed out, as standard Bloody Classic tins will now include Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, and you can find them in Sainsbury's, Selfridges or on Amazon.