Galaxy’s Cracker Spread will make your breakfast heavenly AF

Nutella was once the champion of the best chocolate spread, but it's faced some pretty serious competition over the past few years. Choosing the perfect breakfast combo has become increasingly impossible, thanks to companies like Dairy Milk and Galaxy. Even more so now, Galaxy has released a limited edition Cookie Crumble spread to make your mornings heavenly AF.

Galaxy's Cookie Crumble bars have long been a popular staple for the chocolate brand, which Galaxy describes as "smooth, creamy Galaxy chocolate with delicious chocolate chips." This spread takes this even further, creating a "beautiful combination of smooth, silky Galaxy with cocoa cookie crunch," as detailed in their press statement.

As for how to best use cookie crumbs, Galaxy recommends adding the spread to your morning routine by "spreading it on toast, pancakes, stirring into oats, or using it as a cooking ingredient." The possibilities are endless.

First spotted by a B&M shopper (via @newsfooduk ), the spread has unsurprisingly attracted huge attention on social media. So you'd better head to your local B&M store as soon as possible, as it's a limited edition and stocks are sure to sell out quickly - especially since the Cookie Crumble delicacy is only £2.

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It remains to be seen whether the product will be available in other stores, but news website The Manc seems to suggest it will be available in "most UK supermarkets". I can't be the only one hoping so.