This new premium street flavor is a game changer in a way

Nestlé has launched a new flavor to its Quality Street range, and we don't know if we're excited, scared, or both.

The new product is the brand's first white chocolate dessert in Quality Streets' 85-year history. Caramel Crumble will become the 12th flavor in the range, following the discontinuation of one of the Toffee products in 2020.

Crème Caramel Crisp, available on Tuesday, September 21, has milk and white chocolate on the outside and a crunchy cookie inside. As expected, it also has a buttery caramel flavor. The new candy comes in gold and silver packaging (oh la la) and comes in a dome shape.

Regular good street fans will need to be wary of reshipping, though, as the standard purple tub won't contain Caramel Crisp this Christmas. Instead, it's available at pick-n-mix stations in some John Lewis stores, so if you don't want to try it, you can choose not to try it at all.

However, judging from preliminary taste test reviews, the new candy is definitely worth a try. On September 21, the Guardian interviewed some shoppers at John Lewis on Oxford Street who tasted the candy. Marie Soupe, 71, said it was "cute and "very lovable". Muhamad Hamzapur, 18, agreed, calling it "delicious".

Speaking about their new product, Quality Street brand manager Cat Mews said: “White chocolate is universally popular among consumers, so it felt like a good time to launch the first Quality Street white chocolate.”

Foodies, let’s go.