Heinz Just Relaunched a '90s Beantastic Favorite

After launching a range of delicious Heinz Beanz innovations over the past year, including Spray Mayonnaise, Heinz Beanz Hummus and Heinz Spoon Friez, the brand is now bringing back a frozen version of a '90s family favorite: Heinz Beanz Pizza. Yes, nearly 20 years after it was first launched, this delicious pizza is back on supermarket shelves after disappearing from refrigerator shelves in 2003. Already salivating at the prospect? This is the place to buy Heinz Beanz pizza.

With a new, ultra-fresh look, the returning Beanz Pizza is being relaunched as part of Heinz's mission to bring customers the Beanz they know and love in "exciting and creative ways."

"We know there are some real fans of our frozen Beanz pizza, and after 20 years away from supermarkets, we hope they will be as happy today as they were to hear this absolute classic pizza is available in stores again," said Sophie Heinz, Head of Growth Platforms Higgins said of the product's return.

If you're looking to revisit this 90s treat, or try it for the first time, Heinz Beanz pizza will be on sale in Icelandic stores for £3 from the end of November.

Speaking about the product's much-anticipated return to the frozen aisle, Iceland Foods trading director Andrew Staniland said the chain was "delighted" to relaunch the "iconic" Heinz Pizza. "We anticipate high demand for our '90s products and can't wait to see what our customers think of the relaunched products," Staniland added in a statement.

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The news has caught the attention of foodies everywhere, with many on social media anticipating the product's return to supermarket shelves.

"I used to love these pizzas when they were first released, but was bummed when you couldn't get them anymore," one user recalled on Instagram, while another described the pizza as " Absolutely a game changer.”