The new StarCola is one-of-a-kind

Back in 1985, Coca-Cola became the first soft drink to travel into space, with astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger drinking from specially modified Coca-Cola cans designed to hold the soda in zero gravity. Although the taste test wasn't a huge success, it still earned Caramel Beer a place in the history books, and more than thirty years later they're celebrating with a limited-edition Star Coke. Supposedly, it tastes like space.

"Interstellar is a new take on the Coca-Cola flavors that consumers know and love, with unexpected innovations and delicious flavors," the brand said in a press release. "This includes the liquid's bright red starlight hue, as well as features that are reminiscent of the coldness of space. The coolness of the journey.”

Punters who have managed to get their hands on the limited-edition drink have compared it to marshmallows, 'custard' biscuits and 'chocolate and coffee'.

Want to take a swig of this strange alien potion? Participating stores across the UK currently have a limited supply of the bright pink tin available until supplies run out. While Coca-Cola hasn't announced the main list of retailers, a few people have tweeted about tracking the cans at the co-op. A taste of wine from another galaxy will set you back 77p for 250ml, which, frankly, is a lot cheaper than booking a flight on Virgin Business Space.

Getting a can also nets ardent fans free show tickets... sort of. Each can of Intergactic drink also comes with its own QR code, through which you can watch an augmented reality performance by popular American pop artist Ava Max. In what the brand calls a "Coca-Cola Concert," the rising star will perform three of her best-known hits: "Kings & Queens," "Sweet but Psycho" and "Everytime I Cry".

If that wasn't enough, Coca-Cola has now opened a concept store in London's Covent Garden - the first of its kind in Europe. Visitors will be able to browse the brand’s latest fashion collaborations, get customized Coke cans with their own unique messages, and purchase drinks from the Coca-Cola beverage bar.

Drag Race 's Tayce was on hand to launch the store in spectacular style. Tess channeled Kim Kardashian's unforgettable Balenciaga slip dress and was wrapped head to toe in red Coca-Cola tape.

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