Marks & Spencer launches Halloween Francoline

A cursory look out the window should reveal that autumn has well and truly arrived, and as well as pumpkins, spices and all things nice, M&S is selling Colin the Halloween Caterpillar.

Pause and play the voice of the Marks and Spencer lady.

Not just Colin, but Frankencollin. Decadent rolls of chocolate sponge covered in chocolate and decorated with nuts and bolts.

Oh, Hello. So the twist on the nation's favorite birthday cake is actually low-key scary. Has fangs, and the face is green (a bit more traditional for a caterpillar I guess) and sinister AF. He came as part of a group. There are also mini Frankenlins, so you can really scare everyone in the house. You can buy it in stores from October 14th.

Colin's isn't the only one getting a weird makeover, the nation's favorite purveyors of snacks are doing it again, with no tricks up their sleeves, especially in their freshly baked aisles. Their signature Yumnuts are getting a creepy makeover into Yummy Mummy Yumnuts for £1.35 each. They have white gummy bandages to keep them cozy, and some deadly eyes that stare into your soul as you devour them.

Fans of the incomparable Marks & Spencer biscuits need to try their limited edition toffee biscuits. They're a melt-in-your-mouth delicious blend of dark chocolate, toffee and caramel flakes, making them a pair of creepy peeps and at only 75p each, you might as well buy a few.

Luckily, all of the above is available now, so you can head to your nearest store ASAP.

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One of the most surprising products is their Petrifying Popping Candy Brain (try saying that 6 times), available from 26th October for £4.50. It's a vegan-friendly apple jelly topped with a decadent raspberry drizzle and popping candy. Marks & Spencer claims the crackling sound can last up to an hour, which is a truly terrifying thought in itself.

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So head to your nearest store and stock up on your boots with all the best creepy treats, which are only available for a limited time.