What you should bake this weekend based on your zodiac sign

Relax, because Taurus Season 2020 is officially here and we're all trying to find calm, indulge our senses, and adjust to our strange, new, always-at-home reality. If we seek astrological guidance during these uncertain times, we can celebrate the fact that the energy of Taurus puts comfort above almost everything—which is very helpful, given our current social climate—and that this sign is often characterized by a love of food. That said, let's all embrace our inner Taurus and spend a little free time enjoying the ultimate comfort experience: baking some homemade goodness.

As a fixed earth sign, Taurus' zodiac energy connects to its surroundings through its five senses - baking some fresh and delicious treats is a great way to activate all of those senses at once. We use our hands when we cook and mix ingredients; we use our ears when we listen to the timer; we use our eyes when we decorate the baked goods we choose; and of course, when we enjoy the fruits of our labor, we Also uses smell and taste. .

Astrology aside, we could all use some comfort food right now, just to boost morale and lift our spirits. Baking is also a great way to relax, pass the time and show off – an added bonus considering so many of us have extra time on our hands these days. If you'd like, you can show a socially distanced love by delivering baked goods to a friend or family member's doorstep.

Closer to home, this is exactly what you should be baking based on your zodiac sign. We've even included vegan-friendly recipe options for each sign, so you can mix it up and make sure your vegan friends are well-fed, too.

Aries: A bowl of brownies

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You're not known for your patience, Aries, but you are known to need to have fun. Thankfully, you can get adventurous with baking without having to spend a whole day (or a pile of dirty dishes) by choosing something simple and classic, like a bowl of brownies that lets you mix it all up Ingredients for - you guessed it - a bowl. As easy as a pie – er, I mean as easy as a brownie?

Try this one-bowl brownie recipe from Two Peas and the Pod, or this vegan one-bowl brownie recipe from Plenty Sweet.

Taurus: Funfetti Birthday Cake

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Taurus, this is your birthday season. While you can't have an in-person party with all your friends due to social distancing, you can still make sure you have a fun birthday cake to celebrate with. Recreate a birthday party staple by making some "funfetti" style cakes from scratch.

Try this funfetti cake recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction, or this vegan funfetti cake recipe from The Vegan 8.

Gemini: Banana Bread

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If anyone knows the magic of synergy, it's you, Gemini—as the sign of the twins, you're used to bringing two parts together to create a dynamic whole. That is, combining dessert bread with bananas? Can't go wrong. Bake a loaf of classic banana bread and enjoy it with your coffee for a hearty breakfast or as a delicious dessert.

Check out this tried and true banana bread recipe from Bon Appetit, or this "just right" vegan banana bread recipe from Betty Crocker.

Cancer: Homemade Quiche

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Cancers are known for their domestic flair, so when it comes to baking standard cupcakes and cookies, you're probably already around the block. Since you're spending more time at home these days, why not challenge yourself to bake a hearty meal - like a quiche? This delicious baked good makes a delicious main course for dinner or an extra special breakfast.

Try this classic recipe for French Spinach Quiche from Once Upon A Chef, or this delicious vegan sun-dried tomato, spinach and mushroom quiche from Oh She Glows.

Leo: Cake Lollipop

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Leo, you're a gorgeous fire sign—so if you're going to bake, you're going to want something that's Instagrammable and fun to look at, just like you. Enter the cake pops: half cake, half pops, and so delicious. Show off your creative side by making different colors of frosting or covering the outside with funky powdered sugar.

Try the Perfect Cake Pops Recipe from Two Twenty One or the Vegan Confetti Cake Pops Recipe from Blooming Revolution.

Virgo: Fresh Sourdough Bread

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The sign of Virgo is usually a maiden holding wheat chaff, so what better to bake than fresh sourdough bread? Sourdough bread requires more patience and diligence than other baking endeavors, since you have to feed the sourdough "starter" for about five to seven days before you can actually bake it - but as a detail-oriented Virgo, this should work for you. It's not a problem for you.

Check out this classic sourdough bread recipe from King Arthur Flour, which is suitable for both vegetarians and non-vegans.

Libra: Sugar Cookies

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Libra, if you're going to bake something, it better be something as saccharine and sweet as you are. Make a batch of sugar cookies and embrace the sweet life. These treats give you the chance to show off your aesthetic eye and creative flair - you can use a funky cookie cutter to create unique shapes and decorate them any way you like. Think of it as crafting and baking rolled into one.

Try this easy sugar cookie recipe from the Food Network, or this vegan sugar cookie recipe from Chocolate Katie.

Scorpio: Casserole

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Scorpio, you're one of the deepest signs in the zodiac, so why not bake something as multi-layered as you by putting together a classic casserole? Sweet treats are fun, but it's also nice to mix things up and bake something with actual food. Casserole is an easy dish that's perfect for a healthy dinner, or reheated the next day for a quick and hearty leftover family lunch.

Try baking a delicious summer vegetable casserole from Food & Wine or an easy vegan green casserole from The Fitchen.

Sagittarius: Apple Pie

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As a Sagittarius, you're naturally edgy, so shake things up by whipping up a classic staple like warm apple pie and wow everyone. With gooey, cinnamon-infused baked apples that melt in your mouth and a flaky, delicious crust, they're the ultimate comfort food and a fun baking adventure. Once you master your own recipe, you'll never go back to store-bought apple pie.

Try this perfect apple pie recipe from Pillsbury, or this deep-dish vegan apple pie from Food Network.

Capricorn: Blueberry Muffins

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You tend to keep yourself busy with work and personal responsibilities, Cap. So if you're planning on spending some of your hard-earned relaxation time baking something sweet, it might also come in handy for a quick and enjoyable breakfast in the coming days. That's why a batch of satisfying blueberry muffins is the perfect addition to your baking adventure. Eat them fresh, or store them for a few days for a delicious breakfast.

Try making Jordan Marsh's blueberry muffin recipe from The New York Times, or Martha Stewart's adorable vegan blueberry muffin recipe.

Aquarius: Blonde Bar

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As an Aquarius, you move to the beat of your own drum more than any other sign. So, why not switch up your dessert recipe and bake the opposite of the typical brownie with a batch of blondie chocolate bars? These chewy, delicious desserts are kind of like brownies, but without the chocolate. You'll love how unique this simple yet super delicious recipe is.

Try Live Well Bake Everyday's "Best Blondie Recipes," or opt for From My Bowl's Cashew Butter Vegan Blondie Recipe.


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Pisces, you're as sweet as sugar, so bake up dreamy treats that are just as delightful. What better option than cupcakes? These easy snacks are the perfect pre-portioned dessert to enjoy while hanging out at home, and they're also easy to deliver to a friend's doorstep as a little morale booster. Plus, as a creative water sign, this baking adventure gives you lots of room to show off your cake decorating skills on many miniature canvases.

Try this easy vanilla cupcake recipe from Food.com or this best-ever vanilla cupcake recipe from My Darling Vegan.