Food-themed decorations are all the rage on TikTok

When the HomeGoods Lemon Stool went viral on TikTok in June 2022, if you didn't try to imagine how it would look in your home, you were either a minimalist or you were lying. You may have noticed that TikTok's obsession with food-themed decor has become even more pronounced since citrus-colored furniture became all the rage, with the help of kitschy homewares like candy-shaped pillows, ceramic burger coasters, and fake bowls . Grain used as wall art.

It's easy to think that the HomeGoods viral lemon stool started the trend, but in fact, this interior design style has been around much longer than that (minimalism, ever heard of it?). In fact, this isn't even the first time a fruit-flavored poop has gone viral on TikTok—you may remember that in May 2021, a cute strawberry version caused a stir on the clock app. These poops may have been the catalyst for TikTok’s obsession with “excess.” - A top decorative piece, but this trend goes far beyond fruit-shaped footstools.

One of the TikTok users at the forefront of the food-themed decorating trend is @kaarinjoy, who creates unique DIY interior design content inspired by just about any food, snack, or treat you can think of. Her most popular creations include the Froot Loop cereal bowl, birthday cake lights and the giant Little Debbie Cosmic Brownie. With nearly 940,000 followers following her delicious decorations, and as evidenced by the 39.8 million likes on her page, it looks like the food decoration craze isn't going away.

View on TikTok

If you were obsessed with Emma Chamberlain's September 2022 Architectural Digest tour and her gorgeous home, you know that the fashion influencer jumped on the trend, placing A set of footstools in the shape of corn cobs. In fact, these stools went viral on TikTok back in 2021, long before Chamberlain's dream house tour, but TikTok users were eager to get their hands on them after the creator welcomed AD into her home.

Giant Corn Stool with third drawer facing down

Despite its over-the-top style, you don't have to be a minimalist to appreciate this trend. Other food decorations that went viral in February 2022 that should definitely be added to the "TikTok made me buy it" hall of fame include a set of coasters from Resident Objects shaped like lettuce slices, tomato slices, cheese slices, Slices of bread and beef are assembled to create hamburgers.

Since Resident Objects products are second-hand, the delicious roller coaster set is long gone. However, the company has an entire section of its website dedicated to food, so if you want to jump on the bandwagon but don't want the bells and whistles of lemon stools or birthday cake lights, you can start your collection with a pair of popcorn Salt and pepper shakers or Oreo pitcher and cup set.

Oreo pitcher and cup resident objects

Popcorn Salt and Pepper ShakersResident Objects

If you still prefer cheeseburger coasters, there are plenty of versions on Etsy, like this handmade set from seller IbisCrown.

Burger Coaster Set Etsy

If you're at all into food-themed interior design trends, chances are you're already a minimalist who values ​​an out-of-the-box aesthetic. If you want to upgrade your space with rich food decor, here are some delicious pieces of furniture that will make you want to take a bite:

Kadrian 15-Inch Stool Wayfair

Forget the couch—all your guests will be fighting over who gets to sit on this watermelon stool from Wayfair.

Yellow Ceramic Mushroom Cookie Jar World Market

Mushroom shaped cookie jar? Yes, please.

Handmade Ceramic Omelette Wall ArtEtsy

This handmade wall art from Etsy is a beautiful decorative piece.

Cereal Bowl Wall Decor Etsy

Y'all, the cereal wall art craze is here to stay.

Floating Spill Coffee Cup Etsy

Spilling coffee went from an awkward habit to a trendy topic.

From cereal bowls to corn on the cob, food decor trends are sure to beautify your space and add a little flavor to your home.