McVitie's launches Christmas pudding flavored chocolate digestif

Do you know how many shopping days there are until Christmas? No, me neither, but as the climax begins on December 25, foodies are eagerly anticipating all of 2020's limited-edition holiday treats. McVitie's has two chocolate digestifs in Christmas flavours, which I think you'd better make space in your cupboards ahead of time.

A chocolate digestive with the delicious taste of gingerbread or Christmas pudding is waiting to be dipped into your eggnog ASAP. In a post on Instagram, Kev's Snack Reviews, experts on these matters, shared a photo of the new snack with the caption: "Christmas is coming this year... will you choose gingerbread or Christmas pudding? Digestive? " It's unclear when consumers will be able to purchase a pack, but like every year, December is quickly approaching.

Needless to say, the crowd went wild before these cookies even hit the shelves, but not everyone was feeling the vibe. One Twitter user said: "Am I the only one who thinks Christmas pudding digestives sound terrible?" While the jury's still out on that as these cookies haven't hit shelves yet, the truth is that a 2019 Yougov survey found that only 35 % of respondents said Christmas pudding is the most important holiday candy.

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Making waves in the biscuit world, taking risks and, dare I say it, being a maverick in the industry is nothing new for McVitie's. If the thought of the most magical (and stressful) time of year makes you queasy, there are other newbies to enjoy in the meantime. Why not try their VIB range, which brings the charm of classic caramel bliss, heavenly chocolate hazelnut and luscious blood orange?

Whichever flavor you prefer, be it classic, festive or VIB - for the love of God, make sure you turn on the kettle first.