Aldi's new caramel liqueur promises to taste like cookies in a bottle

When the pub garden reopened on April 12, tables were booked quickly. The post-pandemic world is not kind to disorganized people. However, Aldi's latest offering will let caramel lovers create their own cocktails at home. Here's how to buy Aldi's new salted caramel liqueur, which is said to taste just like Biscoff. The supermarket says its new Infusionist Salted Caramel Cupcake Gin is perfect on its own or as part of a cocktail, making it the ideal drink for anyone with a sweet tooth.

According to Aldi, there have been more than 791,000 searches online for recipes and products during lockdown, including the much-loved Biscoff. With cookie variations popping up everywhere—think ice cream, cupcakes, milkshakes, and more—there seems to be a consensus that Biscoff makes everything taste better.

With that in mind, Aldi's latest liqueur should be a huge hit with customers. Described as having a "rich and smooth delicious caramel flavor," the liqueur is designed to flavor an espresso martini or be enjoyed neat over ice. The product will be available in stores and online from April 22nd, so stay tuned.

However, if you really don't like caramel, Aldi is also launching a slew of other alcoholic products this spring, including its Infusionist range of raspberry jam donut gin liqueur. With flavors of vanilla and raspberry, it's reminiscent of your favorite childhood treats. There’s also peach and elderflower glitter gold ball gin, strawberry and rose gin, mango vodka and Casario cherry spiced rum.



Or you could check out some of the other big box retailers to see what liqueurs they have to add flavor to your favorite drinks. Tesco launches passion fruit vanilla gin and Morrisons launches raspberry ripple gin. When it comes to booze picnics this year, the possibilities are truly endless…