Nigella's genius roast dinner hack will change your Sundays forever

There's nothing better than a lazy Sunday, with a bit of bed and a nice walk, followed by a hearty roast dinner. So far, very relaxing. But have you ever managed to make a roast dinner without having a nervous breakdown from all the time involved? Well, Nigella has just shared a genius roast dinner tip that will change your roast dinners forever.

Food expert, legend and all-around goddess Nigella Lawson shares this tip in her final column for Sunday Times Style magazine . After 12 months as a columnist, the star shared her thoughts - or "modern musings" as the publication calls them - leaving readers with some priceless advice. "The most important thing you need to know to get dinner on the table without driving yourself crazy is that not everything has to be piping hot. You really don't have to worry about the kitchen making sure everything is ready at the same time. "she says. "it's out of the question."

Then Lawson made a complete ding sound...maybe your mom was need to heat the plate. This coupled with the piping hot gravy means that even if the main roast and toppings are a bit lukewarm, they meet at the ideal temperature.

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"All you have to do is make sure the gravy is hot and the dish is hot (which, frankly, means just leaving them in a bowl filled with water for 10 minutes)," Lawson writes.

There's no point worrying about having your meals prepared and served hot at the same time, because, as Lawson says, those Italian food experts "eat most of their food at pleasantly warm room temperature, and it's better that way."