8 TikTok Pasta Recipes to Try at Home

Amid the virtual hodgepodge of satisfying videos on TikTok, there's a community of dedicated foodies who are creating content that's both educational and downright entertaining. To the shock of almost no one, the #Pasta hashtag has been viewed a whopping 15.8 billion times on TikTok . Viewers are in luck, because thanks to the booming noodle community on the app, there's never a shortage of sticky, buttery pasta at home if you're craving some spice in the kitchen.

Back in April 2020, supermodel Gigi Hadid posted a tutorial for spicy vodka pasta on her Instagram Stories, subsequently starting a viral trend that spread across almost all social media platforms is booming, especially TikTok (TikTok became the world’s most downloaded app in the first quarter). As of Q4 2020, there were 315 million downloads in that period alone).

Then there's the baked feta pasta, launched in January 2021, which quickly gained traction and was even made into a goat cheese version (recipe below). Social media-famous dishes aside, pasta is a staple simply because of its relatively quick cooking time and sheer versatility—which means, if you want, you can have lasagna on Monday and ravioli on Tuesday. , without getting bored because hey, they taste different.

If you're tired of the same old pasta twice a week , look no further because here are 8 TikTok pasta recipes from #PastaTok that are proven to take your nightly noodles to the next level.

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Creamy Lemon Pasta

For anyone who loves a little citrus, this Creamy Lemon Pasta is a dream come true. User @cookingwithbello detailed the recipe for the dish in his September 2021 TikTok video, which currently has 1.7 million views. The recipe consists primarily of linguine, lemon, heavy cream and fresh garlic cloves, making for a light yet delicious dish filled with pure bliss. Bon appetit .

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Not your mother’s butter noodles

As a late night snack (or let’s be honest, just a regular day lunch), butter noodles are and always will be a trend. This childhood favorite has a slightly different twist and is probably the easiest of them all to make since the only extra ingredient here is some delicious chicken broth - as user @britscookin recommends. Add some parsley and fresh Parmesan cheese to taste.

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One Pot Tuscan Pasta

If you want something more filling, this one-pot Tuscan pasta from @halfbakedharvest is filled with chicken, veggies (hello, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes), and a creamy sauce made with butter and cream , combine them together. The best part? You can cook everything in one pot, which reduces kitchen clutter.

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Vodka Macaroni

At least one spicy vodka pasta has to be on this list, and this tutorial from @matthewinthekitchen is one for the books ( ahem , your favorites tab). This tomato cream pasta is packed with garlic, shallots, and red pepper flakes, and vodka is added to balance the flavor to perfection.

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Grilled Goat Cheese Pasta

This TikTok-famous baked feta pasta is worth a try, especially if you're not a big fan of feta cheese. User @feelgoodfoodie simply swapped out the cubes of feta cheese for goat cheese, which has a lighter flavor and fluffier texture. PS, a commenter even suggested trying this recipe with mozzarella cheese - a concept.

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Jumbo Spinach Pesto

This giant spinach pesto is a little more adventurous, but what is pasta if not a more interesting meal? Vegan chef @chefpriyanka said in her March 12 TikTok video, “This isn’t your ordinary pasta, so this isn’t your ordinary sauce.” Accurate, because the fusilli comes in extra-large sizes, and the spinach chipotle sauce is officially Making this pasta dish greener than your average pasta.

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Oven Baked Pasta

Another one-pot wonder is this oven-baked pasta from @fooddolls that mimics traditional stovetop pasta in just one pot. Place the uncooked pasta, spices and sauce in an oven-safe dish, then mix with the water and cook in the oven. Be sure to slather generously with cheese at the end and bake for a few more minutes until there's a golden layer of melted cheese on top.

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Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta

This Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta is loaded with pepper and chili flakes to enhance the flavor. User @moribyan starts by marinating the chicken cutlets in super tasty chili powder before serving them in a delicious stir-fry. She then adds the mushrooms, red and green peppers to the hot pan, mixes them with heavy cream , cheese and seasonings, then adds the pasta. Considering the size of this dish, it’s surprising that you only need half an hour to whip up this bad boy.

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