Aldi is selling a glass toaster so you can say goodbye to burnt bread

We’re five months into 2020, and it’s safe to say that technology has proven its worth this year. Thankfully, we can video call and order wine with three clicks of a phone call from the comfort of our own homes. However, while clever technology may be keeping us going during lockdown, there's one thing we've been struggling with for a long time - finding the perfect toast cycle, which seems like an impossible task. so far. The days of over-burnt and undercooked toast are over. No more panicked pressings of the eject button multiple times—more perfectly grilled slices to enjoy throughout the day. Aldi is selling a glass toaster, and honestly, we regret we didn't think of it first.

The clever kit is part of the company's Ambiano brand, which offers kitchen technology at affordable prices. As Aldi says, "take the guesswork out of baking" and it's only £24.99.

With a removable glass window and six different settings, plus reheat and defrost options, you can sit back and watch your bread (or maybe muffins?) turn to the exact color you like. It's like having X-ray vision.

Ambiano glass toaster Aldi

A toaster you can give your serious attention to.

While some people love toast—not this writer, I hasten to add—most people are just looking for the perfect level of toast. In fact, a 2017 YouGov poll showed that only 2% of respondents enjoyed toasting their bread, and only 24% enjoyed it well toasted. Not surprisingly, the only percentage lower than those who preferred it charred were those who preferred it essentially unbaked (1%). Warm bread, I think we can all agree it's weird.

Aldi's glass toaster is almost certain to be a hit. Enjoyable breakfast.