Does it really matter if it’s Strawberries & Cream Doritos?

Nothing says British summer more than strawberries and cream. But this past week, food fans went into a frenzy when Doritos seemingly announced a new Strawberries and Cream flavor. Yes, you read that right.

On June 17, Doritos posted an image of redesigned Doritos potato chip packaging with the caption: “Strawberries and Cream Doritos, you didn’t ask for them, but you Definitely going to want to try it." As expected, the comments section was quick to respond to the proposed new snack.

One user wrote "DoritNOS," while another added "more like strawberries and crime."

Soon, however, users began questioning the meaning behind the post. One person wrote on Instagram: "Did anyone else momentarily think today must be April 1st?" Another said: "These sound too good to be true... maybe a Wimbledon collaboration?"

almost. It turns out Doritos is really holding us back, and the announcement was all a PR stunt to raise awareness of the brand's partnership with DICE and this summer's Strawberry and Creem Festival in Cambridge .

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In a later post, Doritos said: "No we don't do strawberry and cream Doritos but we have been cooking up some sweet treats with @dicefm and @strawberryandcreem."

Doritos will offer fans a chance to win tickets to the festival. You can find all the information about the "Make Your Play" campaign on the Doritos website. Posters with scannable play buttons will appear in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol, Brighton, Cardiff and Southampton from June 21, according to the snack brand pause. They will also appear on Doritos’ social media this summer. Scan the play button and you might have a chance to score tickets to some much-desired shows.