Pizza Hut launches grilled dinner pizza

Sunday lunch may look a little different now that Pizza Hut has introduced a grilled dinner pizza. And I don't know what to think...

The pizza chain captivates audiences by combining Britain's favorite dishes, topping pizzas with British-style roast beef, sage and onion stuffing, roasted potato slices and red onions, all served in a red wine gravy base British.

The new fast-food product is dividing Twitter. Roast dinner purists were especially outraged that the pizza came without Yorkshire pudding.

"Unless it's a Yorkshire pudding base and served with gravy, it's not a roast dinner pizza, which is disgusting..." one person wrote on Twitter.

Regardless, curiosity to try Pizza Hut's new offerings is strong, and for those who've already sliced ​​a slice, the Grilled Dinner Pizza is a surprising hit.

As one fan shared: "Just had the new @pizzahutuk grilled dinner pizza and even though it doesn't sound like it should work I'm honestly pleasantly surprised and highly recommend it."

Pizza Hut's grilled dinner pizza is part of its staycation menu, which also includes Spanish-style chicken and chorizo ​​pizza options.

“At Pizza Hut Delivery, we’re really excited about the launch of new menu items,” said Amelia Riba, Chief Brand Officer, Pizza Hut UK and Europe.

“With many families across the UK still choosing between a staycation or a holiday this year, we wanted to offer something for all occasions, showcasing the best of Britain and offering a taste of abroad by bringing a taste of the Mediterranean to our menus.

“We hope the new pizzas, sides and desserts offer something for everyone, and that customers can try our incredible new grilled dinner pizza offerings!”

If you're ready to switch up your regular pizza order, you can order a Grilled Dinner Pizza to be delivered to your door, with prices starting at £19.99 for a large pizza.