Malteser Orange Buttons could hit UK shelves this month

Mars has launched a new Malteser recipe that's set to hit supermarket shelves, and it's specially designed for orange chocolate lovers. According to reports, just in time for Easter, Malteser Orange Button Candy will join the family of sweets along with Orange Bunny Candy.

It's unclear when the Malteser orange buttons will be available, nor which stores will have them in stock. I can't imagine how long it will be before we see them, though, especially with Easter right around the corner.

According to Manchester food blogger @johnssnackreviews, the new buttons are likely to be sold first at One Stop, Londis and BP petrol stations for two weeks, and then in supermarkets. The blogger also describes this delicious treat, which looks like a flat button with bits of orange honeycomb melted in chocolate.

As Delish points out, the account also revealed a chocolate orange variant of the Malteser ice cream, and is also producing white Maltesers lollipops. Of course, all of these delicious treats will be added to the already available Chocolate Orange Bunny. Announced in October 2020, these little beauties are priced at 85p and come with a lot of enthusiasm.

"We know orange is a distinctly British taste that has evolved dramatically in recent years," Mars Wrigley UK marketing director Kerry Cavanaugh said at the launch of Bunny in October (via Tyla ). "While we often see a craze for oranges during the festive period, we know Brits love this flavor all year round, which is why we're making sure 'The Chocolate Job' continues into the New Year and beyond."