Here's Why Frank Green Water Bottle Is Going Viral on TikTok

Everyone knows that having a cute water bottle is key to staying hydrated, and the TikTok water bottle obsession is no exception. If you've seen the eye-catching Frank Green water bottle in your FYP, you're probably wondering what all the hype is about and whether this viral trend is worth following. Here's everything you need to know about the viral Frank Green water bottle on TikTok so you can choose your next emotional support water bottle wisely.

IYDK, Frank Green is an Australian reusable homewares company that is committed to sustainability and creating "lifestyle solutions that are long-lasting and good for the planet," according to the website. The brand makes a variety of plastic-free products, such as food containers, French presses, and reusable cups, but the company is probably best known for its water bottles. In addition to the original reusable water bottle design, most Frank Green water bottles come with a straw lid, stainless steel shell, and silicone strap for easy transportation. They also feature a spill-proof design that works like a thermos to keep your drinks hot or cold, and come in sizes ranging from regular (20 ounces) to extra large (68 ounces). You can expect to get one for between $34.95 and $69.95, depending on size and style.

It's unclear when water bottles started trending on TikTok, but considering the hashtag #FrankGreen has been viewed more than 290 million times, it seems like this stylish container isn't going away.

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It’s no surprise that water bottle brands are trending on social media platforms. Not only do the bottles come in a variety of pretty pastels and cool chromes, but let's not forget that TikTok is one of the reasons why Hydro Flasks took off in 2019/2020.

Frank Green also occasionally runs Lucky Bag Mystery Box promotions, which let customers place an order without knowing what they're going to get, and it has TikTok written all over it. After all, no one can resist an unboxing video.

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Despite the interest in these bottles, there appear to be some downsides to the Frank Greene water bottles. TikTok user @brookerogers__ pointed out that the straw lid on Hydro Flasks has a feature that allows you to move the straw up and down without actually touching it, whereas the Frank Green bottle forces you to touch the opening of the straw every time you need to use it. Honestly, that's a good observation.

User @ava_oetting2 even sent a request to the company to replace the cap entirely.

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Plus, depending on the size you choose, your water bottle might not fit in your car's cup holder, which means you'll have to DIY a custom cup holder like @moltok1235's. Meanwhile, @jopllgrno has some concerns about how difficult it is to keep straw caps clean.

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That being said, it looks like the reviews are more positive than negative. TikTok user @soph.maryrose thinks the water bottle company is a value-for-money brand, while @henricksorem calls the Mint Gelato colorway the "best water bottle" the creator has ever purchased. Ultimately, though, deciding whether the Frank Green water bottle craze is worth buying comes down to whether you're willing to touch the straw every time you drink water — or whether you're willing to spend nearly $70 on a bottle of water. Water bottle.