Lidl is bringing back their melted chocolate shack for Christmas 2020

Nothing says Christmas is just around the corner like supermarkets starting to display their festive products. Halloween may not be here yet, but Lidl has been quick to reassure shoppers that its Christmas 2019 favorites will be back on shelves. Lidl is re-launching the dark chocolate and salted caramel huts it launched last year, and if you want to add an elite touch to your Christmas table you'll need to get your hands on one. However, be warned, this treat is for the faint of heart.

Lidl's Melted Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel Cottage has a golden shimmery exterior and soft chocolate center, making it the ultimate Christmas dessert if you have a sweet tooth. It looks as good as it tastes and is sure to be an Instagram hit. It has white chocolate snowballs, salted caramel, chocolate cookie dough and a decadent white chocolate mousse center that melts as you pour the chocolate sauce down the chimney. It probably won't sit around for long, but I don't foresee it going uneaten for a long time.

The delicious updated version of the gingerbread house will be available in Lidl stores from October 26 for just £6.99. So if you need to buy a few to test before the holidays, you'll be fine.

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Melted dark chocolate and salted caramel huts are the centerpiece of Lidl's 2020 festive season range. You can also pick up Christmas classics like mince pies, chocolate Santas and Christmas cookies. They also have a seasonal sandwich line-up that includes a three-course holiday feast. This included a shrimp mayonnaise sandwich as an appetizer, followed by a turkey dinner, and a cheese board for dessert. The supermarket will also offer mini marzipan butter stollen and Nuremberg cheese to add a German touch to your festive treats.