Like it or not, Thanksgiving-flavored candy corn is here

A new contender has emerged for most of the wild holiday candies. In what can only be described as a big move for 2020, Brach's has launched a Thanksgiving dinner flavored candy corn. They're too busy asking if it's okay to do it, and don't stop to think about whether they should do it.

You may have seen the turkey dinner candy corn photo on your timeline. Maybe you glanced past it and blamed it on Photoshop and a sick, twisted sense of humor. However, I am here to report that Thanksgiving-style candy corn does exist.

This bag of candy corn has all the makings of a Thanksgiving meal. Some candy corn chips taste like cranberry sauce and sweet potato pie—weird, but still in dessert territory. Some taste like ginger carrots—weird but not obscene. Then, we get into the savory flavors: green beans, stuffing, and of course, roasted turkey.

Now the natural next question arises: Do they really taste like Thanksgiving dinner? According to foodie Instagram account @hustlekitten, yes. "Brilliantly. I mean. They did it," the candy corn caption read. According to their post, the savory flavors do taste like they are supposed to taste. Luckily, so does sweetness. If you're willing to risk it all go get some cranberry flavored candy corn.

BRACH'S has been producing candy corn since the 1950s, according to an emailed press release. During that time, they mostly ate snacks with more traditional flavors, only occasionally dabbling in controversial treats like whole black licorice bags of gummies. This latest bag of holiday candy corn is different than the traditional ones.

Candy corn remains one of the most controversial holiday desserts. A 2017 Statista survey found that 49% of people like candy corn. The other half was almost evenly divided: those who think candy corn is gross and those who don't like candy corn themselves but think it's an important part of Halloween.

Weird snacks and delicious candies are nothing new to the candy aisle. The list of weird candy cane flavors is long, ranging from pickles to bacon to gravy-flavored candy canes. The limited-edition Thanksgiving dinner Pringles have been a cult favorite over the past few years, selling out in just 41 minutes in 2018. Time will tell whether Bracher's new candy corns will follow suit.

You can find the new Thanksgiving Dinner Candy Corns at Walgreens stores across the country starting now and all season long. Priced at $2.99 ​​per 12-ounce bag, it's your last resort.