Cool Stone Dairy launches 2 completely Barbie core desserts

If you're getting ready to enjoy the Oppenheimer-Barbie double feature on July 21, you might want to grab a snack (or two, or three) during the all-day event. Sure, you can stick with classic options like popcorn and candy, but if you're looking for a treat that gives off core Barbie vibes, Cold Stone Creamery is the place for you. The ice cream giant has launched a new pink range inspired by the highly-anticipated Greta Gerwig film, meaning you can enjoy the movie in style while beating the summer heat .

Barbie x Cold Stone announced a new collaboration on June 28, which includes two delicious ice desserts that even the Barbie Bakery Chef doll will rave about. All That Glitters is Pink Creation is an ice cream option that, in true Barbie fashion, combines pink marshmallow ice cream and crunchy graham cracker pie crust with vibrant prom sprinkles and whipped toppings for a quick bite As striking as Barbie is the Mattel doll herself. The best cake, meanwhile, features layers of yellow cake, pink marshmallow ice cream, prom sprinkles, and a matching fluffy white frosting coating. The cake also features a Barbie appliqué in the center and rainbow shooting star details on the sides. If you ask me, this sounds like the perfect excuse to have an actual Barbie viewing party.

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The collection is available online now until August 8th, so if you're planning on going full Barbiecore this summer be sure to head to your local Cold Stone ASAP. If you can't make it to the creamery in person, you can also order your desserts online for delivery, pickup, or curbside delivery.

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Cool Stone is also offering pink marshmallow ice cream as a promotional flavor, and best of all, these ice creams come in pink Barbie -themed cups, while supplies last because you can never have too much pink.

The Barbie fun doesn't stop there, though, because Cool Stone is even offering a Barbie Movie Sweepstakes where you can enter for a chance to win free Fandango movie tickets, Cool Stone gift cards, giveaways inspired by the movie, and even It's your own Barbie dreamhouse. You must be 18 or over to enter, and the draw is valid until July 31st at 11:59pm (MT). How about Barbiecore?