You'll Love or Hate Lynx's Marmite Scented Deodorant

The unique and overwhelming musk of the African lynx has long permeated the high school hallways of this land. Now Lynx's most famous scent has found a new partner in crime as it infiltrates body washes, sprays and, of course , ubiquitous Christmas kits . In this case, "criminal" is probably the key word, because Marmite & Lynx has launched a new series, and it's incredible. As a Marmite aficionado, I admit that this collaboration may even have made me like Lynx for the first time in its 25 years of existence.

So what would such a unique combination of well-known brands look like? Metro reports that the collection's scent combines layers of white moss, lavender, sandalwood, cedar and green herbs, with a hint of salty Marmite. Considering the delicious spread is actually yeast extract, it's a relief that said fungus isn't mentioned in the product description.

Reviews are slowly emerging, and judging by Twitter anyway, they appear to be mostly positive.

Lynx Africa and MarmiteSuperdrug

A combination you'll either love or hate.

Marmite is widely praised for its "love-to-hate" spread, so this new range is sure to bring in the social distancing vibes at the right time. In fact, Lynx brand manager James Brooks said they do believe it "might help put some distance from the haters," according to The Independent .

Marmite doesn't think outside the box like this every now and again. Previous marriages include artful creations of Marmite sprouts, Marmite popcorn, Marmite cream cheese/butter, and of course, Marmite peanut butter.

There's only one way to find out if you love or hate this crazy combination. Lynx Africa deodorant and shower gel are currently in stock at Superdrug, priced at £3.65 (spray) and £2.85 (shower gel). The product will be stocked more widely in the UK from 1 July.