Starbucks' frozen lemonade is just what you need this summer

Nothing says "summer" like a frozen version of your favorite drink. When these frozen drinks come from your favorite coffee franchise - well, that's just an added bonus. This summer, you can order a frozen lemonade from Starbucks' secret menu., a site that features hacks, recipes, DIY projects, and more, shares how to get frozen lemonade. But here's the thing: You can't simply order one—it's not on Starbucks' official menu. However, it does exist on Starbucks' secret menu - a list of drink combinations discovered by baristas and customers for others to try. On the Starbucks website, the company claims that baristas can create more than 170,000 drink combinations for customers in addition to items on the menu. So with a little guidance, some help from your barista, and a few extra steps, you can get the drink you want.

First, order a large lemonade. Of course, size doesn't matter, but more lemonade is better, right?

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After you finish your big lemonade, ask the barista for light coconut milk and two pumps of liquid syrup. The website recommends liquid cane syrup, but you are free to choose the flavor you want.

Then, all you have to do is ask for your drink to be double mixed. This is what gives the drink its frozen, slushy texture. Afterwards, you will enjoy the fun of frozen lemonade.

"If a customer wants to order a drink not listed on our menu, we recommend they know the recipe so their barista can handcraft their drink to perfection for them," a Starbucks spokesperson told Bustle via email. "Our customers and partners Partners are always coming up with creative customizations and we’re always excited to see people customize their favorite Starbucks drinks to their liking!”

There are plenty of ways to make your next Starbucks order even more unique. If you can't come up with brand new combinations on your own, don't worry - the extensive Starbucks Secret Menu can help spark your imagination.