Scampi'n'Lemon Nik Naks Returns

Crisp lovers, rejoice. Scampi 'n' Lemon Nik Naks is finally back. The announcement follows the growing snack nostalgia trend, which also sees the return of shrimp cocktail quavers. This controversial flavor was discontinued 14 years ago and was replaced by Pickle 'n' Onion flavor (which was also eventually discontinued), but you can still buy some multi-packs of the product. However, you can now buy individually packaged flavors, reports The Mirror .

As you may recall, Scampi 'n' Lemon's iteration was notoriously pungent, but the brand decided to embrace the scent by writing "Suppress the Stink" on the packaging, encouraging consumers to throw away the chip box after use Into the trash can.

First launched in 1981, Nik Naks has released a variety of flavors over the years, including an experimental tomato mayonnaise version, and a Valentine's Day special called Naughty 'n' Saucy in 1994. They then returned on Valentine's Day 2005 with the rather bold slogan "Lick the Stick".

The brand, KP Snacks, has not yet listed where customers can buy the returning flavor, but smaller convenience stores may be your best chance of purchasing the snack.

It's unclear if the Norwegian Shrimp and Lemon flavors will ever return. However, a brand spokesperson tells Bustle that individual packaging will be available starting August 22 at retailers including Booker, One Stop, and Nisa.

Meanwhile, Twitter is happy that the lime green Nik Nak packaging is back on shelves. "This makes me happier than I should be," one enthusiastic foodie wrote. Another commented: "Norwegian Sea Shrimp and lemony Nik Naks are coming back, I didn't need better news today."