Diego Luna's new docuseries is part cooking show, part Red Table Talk

Diego Luna's new Amazon Prime docuseries is an interesting blend of Ugly Delicious, LeBron James' HBO talk show The Shop: Uninterrupted and Jada · Red Table Talk by Jada Pinkett Smith. In "Pan y Circo " ( "Bread and Circus" in English), the "Rogue One" star talks about racism, immigration, climate change, drug legalization, gender-based violence with a diverse cast of Latino guests , and even COVID-19, among other topics, most of which (with the exception of the latter) took place over dinner. Despite its creative premise, it's too early to know for sure whether Pan y Circo will return for a second season. However, "Luna" has a lot of themes and locations that they didn't cover in the first part.

In an interview with Refinery29, the Mexican actor said he wanted to explore topics such as journalism and education, although it was clear that these were just scratching the surface. "I hope not only to have another season, but many more seasons, and we also hope to take this table to other countries and other places," Luna told the website. "I don't think there is a place today that doesn't require this. dialogue.”

In fact, while it's a simple premise, "Pan y Circo" feels very important in this political climate. In fact, the conversations themselves were so convincing that Luna was forced to confront her own biases. "I'm sitting at this table thinking I'm not a racist," he told IndieWire. "I tell my kids I'm not racist, but after this lunch I realized how much I contribute to the system that I benefit from."

While filming a dinner conversation seemed like a simple enough setup, Luna explained to Variety that the crew had lengthy discussions about who sat at which table. While he hopes to bring in guests with different opinions to promote stimulating dialogue, he told Variety there are limits to the positions they can take. "Simply put, I will never let Donald Trump sit at this table," Luna said. "I don't care what he thinks, although I do care about differing opinions about immigration. We all have to come from a standpoint where we're talking about human beings. If someone doesn't believe that other people should be treated equally, then their opinion doesn't matter to me ”

Luna hopes that viewers will have their own discussions after watching his TV series. "If what happened on the [ Pan y Circo ] table replicates itself in your home, then we've succeeded," he told Refinery29. Even if the show isn't renewed for a second season, hopefully it will help get viewers talking.