13 Ways to Caption Your Food Photo Dumps

Like PB&J or chips and ketchup, nothing goes together better than a food photo and a pun-filled caption on Instagram. As we all know from our favorite food bloggers and scrolling through the #foodie hashtag, posting photos of our food can put us in a silly, silly mood. Whether it's a play on words involving our dishes (see: endless "Not Your Nachos," "Just Improvise" and more captions) or teasing our inner food bloggers with the classic "Phone First" captions, people never fail to Can't stop myself from taking myself too seriously when posting pictures of food on the grid.

When it comes to adding titles to food photos, it can feel a lot like adding spice to a meal. Should you tell a witty joke or stick to something short and sweet? This process becomes more complicated when you try to capture the flavor profile of a complete photo dump of a food image. After all, how long will your "give me a pizza" caption last when the second image is of tacos and the third is a plate of bacon?

It doesn’t take a chef to cook the perfect food photo dump caption. With the right ingredients and some good puns in your pantry, you can post your food photo dumps with Michelin-starred presentation. Marinate those food photos and check out some of the best foot photo dump caption ideas.

1. The mobile phone eats first

Best paired with: Any pre-first bite photo. Of course, you could also substitute "The phone doesn't always eat first" for a series of dishes that are too delicious to be photographed.

2. Swipe for surprises

Best with: Any photo series that ends with a dessert photo.

3. Try not to drool on the screen

Best paired with: Some mouth-watering pictures of juicy food.

4. Looks like a snack.

Best paired with: A snack line, whether it's chips and dip or a full charcuterie board.

5. “If you don’t succeed at first, dust yourself off and try frying again.”

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Best paired with: Pictures of French fries. Lots of fries. Maybe a photo of a food failure, like a dropped plate or a botched recipe, can show your progress.

6. Swipe your mouse to select a three-course meal

Best Pairings: A full range from appetizers to desserts and after-dinner drinks.

7. Fry the fries first

Best served with: Plenty of fries on the side. (Or, as the main attraction.)

8. What are you cooking? Does it taste good?

Best pairing: A photo of you giggling while eating delicious food, quenching thirst and hunger in one.

9. “Brady Brunch”

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Best paired with: A Brady Bunch-style photomontage of you and your friends posing and eating at brunch.

10. Feast your eyes

Best paired with: Photo dumps that look like an all-you-can-eat buffet.

11. Part of life...

Best paired with: Food images mixed with tons of pizza slices, calzones, or anything that’s the best thing since sliced ​​bread.

12. The only time I share my food is on the grid

Best Paired With: Any photo dumper trying to make it clear that your followers won’t appreciate the rest of this photo series.

13. Some feed

Best paired with: Really anything.