Lotus Biscoff Now Launches Cookie Chocolate Mix Flavor

Are there any simpler pleasures in life than gently dipping a biscuit into a cup of tea? Spoiler: no readers, no. The only real dilemma is which direction your choice of dunking medium should go in: should you keep it simple with something like Lotus biscuits, or go completely wild and dunk it in a bar of chocolate? Personally, I find myself leaning towards the former. They remind me of drinking a little coffee on holiday, so there's an air of elegance about them, but it's still hard not to miss the chocolate.

Well, morally bankrupt candy lovers are in luck now, because there's a new Biscoff biscuit mix that combines all the malty charm of a biscuit with the heft of a chocolate bar. Lotus Biscoff's Milk Chocolate Biscoff Cream, which encapsulates a mouthful of Biscoff cream in a milk chocolate shell, will be available in 500 partner stores from August 15, with more flavors apparently to come.

"The Lotus Biscoff Bar is a unique chocolate bar that features signature smooth Lotus Biscoff spread wrapped in a creamy Belgian milk chocolate shell studded with crunchy Lotus Biscoff cookie pieces," according to a press release wrote. ‘What’s not to love about a delicious Belgian chocolate bar with a unique caramel flavor and the crunch of the iconic little red lotus biscuit?’ In fact, it’s hard to fault the idea.

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Lotus Biscoff's new milk chocolate biscuit cream is priced at £2.80 for 180g and anyone in the UK should be able to find one in their local Co-op store. Sounds delicious, to be honest.