Heinz invented a potato spoon to satisfy your playful needs

As if their famous Heinz Sauce varieties weren't enough, the baked bean king has invented an edible gadget you never knew you needed: a dunkable scoop made entirely from potatoes. Heinz Spoon Friez are crispy and golden, a bit like regular oven fries, but they're given a scoopable sheen.

"If you've ever been 'fucked,' you're not alone," Heinz said, explaining the logic that led them to this situation. "Thankfully, the solution to the lack of sauce on your French fries problem is right here, thanks to our condiment connoisseurs."

“Summer soirees are officially back on the menu this year,” added Jenina Carroll-Goldin, the brand’s marketing manager. "Get ready to make up for lost time as many of us make memories, share good times and delicious meals with friends and family. Since french fries are a common accompaniment to many dishes, we're exploring fixes just in time for a social summer The solution seems right. We are confident that the condiment concept will find favor in many hungry hearts.”

The brand also conducted in-depth research into the shortcomings associated with fries, finding that nine out of 10 people refuse to eat fries without some kind of delicious accompaniment. Meanwhile, 84% of condiment consumers want their French fries to hold more sauce. Heinz also estimates that 4.5 billion servings of French fries are eaten each year, which equates to a lot of disappointed people.

So if the prospect of gently whisking ketchup and mayonnaise with a starch tool sounds like a game-changer, get ready for a fight. The bad news is that Spoon Friez won't be hitting store shelves anytime soon. Instead, Heinz only produced ten batches of the rare Spoon Friez bag, which is arguably more unique than the latest It bag.

To be in the running, enter the contest on Heinz's website before July 20th. May the best potato connoisseur win.

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