Nigella Lawson's budget recipes include 'Dreamy Creamy' Nutella Pasta

Household expenses, including food, continue to rise in the UK amid ongoing difficulties caused by the cost of living crisis. In fact, the country is experiencing its largest annual rise in food prices in more than 40 years, according to The Guardian . Therefore, people are always seeking to obtain maximum benefits with minimum investment and maximize the utilization of its ingredients. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has teamed up with online grocer Ocado to launch affordable recipes priced at £1.25 each.

On Oct. 26, she released four recipes, including the "Dream Creamy" Nutella Pasta that continues to be a success in her family. While the popular chef is best known for her decadent spreads (remember that delicious Basque burnt cheesecake?), she's changing her approach with the times, using everyday ingredients to serve up something more Cost effective meals. Other recipes she's made using Ocado include feta, black bean and clementine couscous, and a mouth-watering treacle sponge.

As part of the deal with Ocado, Lawson has also launched a 'Nigella Loves' section where customers can purchase her preferred ingredients. "They're all store cupboard recipes with a touch of freshness. It's about those little details that don't require dexterity or moving around to get the rarest, most esoteric ingredients you find," the chef told Stylist" . She adds, “I’ve always believed that cooking should never have to rely on fancy ingredients or heavy process methods.”

Over the next year or so, Lawson will continue to launch new recipes on Ocado to inspire easy-to-make yet delicious dishes. Maybe it’s time to dig through your cupboards and start cooking.