Olive Garden's Giant Parmesan Chicken Is Back Nearly a Foot Long

The only thing better than chicken parmesan is more chicken parmesan. Olive Garden knows this. Olive Garden is offering Giant Parmesan Chicken for a limited time only. So now, you have the chance to eat a chicken Parmesan dinner the size of your head. Is this what heaven feels like?

Olive Garden's Giant Chicken Parmesan, which measures 11.5 inches long, first debuted in 2019 when the chain released its Giant Italian Classics menu, which, in true American fashion, makes all of its classic meals extra-large. While the item was ultimately eliminated from the menu, the Parmesan Giant Chicken is back on the menu this week.

The Giant Parmesan Meal features a nearly foot-long piece of Parmesan chicken topped with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese, served alongside Olive Garden's classic fettuccine Alfredo. It's almost enough to make you skip the salad and breadsticks (the key word is, of course, "almost").

The meal totals 1,780 calories and costs $19.49 — not bad for something bigger than your face.

While the chicken was the star of the plate, the Alfredo was still pretty good too. Because of this, Olive Garden recently released a menu based entirely on Alfredo. While it doesn't have the Parmesan Jumbo Chicken on it, it has almost all your favorite Alfredo dishes, including Chicken Alfredo, Fettuccine Alfredo, and Seafood Alfredo.

Laurie Patterson/E+/Getty Images

The Giant Parmesan Chicken on this "Amazing Alfredo!" menu is available for delivery, pickup, or even in-store (with safety protocols in place, of course).

But who knows how long this immense fun will last? Your best bet is to get to the Olive Garden as soon as possible and complete your daunting task.