TikTok’s Cheese and Pickle Trend Is the Easiest #FoodTok Hack Yet

Everyone knows that cheese and pickles are two key ingredients in any delicious sandwich, so enjoying them together is nothing new. But after one TikTok user went viral for sharing her favorite sandwich staple snack, it turns out you don't need any bread or condiments at all to enjoy the pairing. While it may sound unappealing at first, this snacking hack inspired a series of cheese pickle roll trend TikToks, and the reviews are more positive than you might think.

TikTok is known for creating some pretty offbeat trends, especially when it comes to food (looking at you, Balsamic Coke), and TikTok's Cheese Pickle Wraps are no exception. The trend started on January 17, when TikToker @clurmurr shared her husband's dissatisfaction with her cheese-wrapped pickle creation, which inspired her to share the recipe. "My husband said it was disgusting, but I thought I could find someone else who made this or would like this," the creator said. Clearly, the video has reached its target audience, because as of February 14, the video has over 1.6 million likes on TikTok, with comments filled with foodies eager to try the cheese and pickle combination.

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While they don't have an official name (the creator herself admitted in TikTok that she didn't know what to call them), cheese pickles are pretty simple to make. Here's a rundown of everything you need to know about this recipe, including what you need, how to make them, and more.

How to Make TikTok’s Cheese Pickle Wraps

The best part about cheese and pickle wraps is that they only contain two ingredients: cheese and pickles. According to the original TikTok, cheese-wrapped pickles can be made by heating a block of provolone or mozzarella cheese in a pan on the stove. Oh, and don’t forget to use cooking spray to prevent the cheese from sticking to the pan. When the cheese begins to melt and develop a hard crust-like appearance, it's time to add the pickles. In the video, the creator grabs a whole pickle from the jar and places it "in the middle of the cheese slices," although I'm sure a halved pickle would work just as well.

From there, you fold the cheese around the pickle to give it a wrap effect, which the creators liken to a taquito. Once the cheese is firm and the crust is crispy, you can remove it from the pan and enjoy.


Many interested viewers left comments in the comments with suggestions on how to further enhance the taste, such as adding Tajín for flavor. These suggestions prompted the creator to add the seasoning to the melted cheese, deeming it a must-try for spice lovers in a follow-up video.

TikTok user @briaannnneee recommended the Ranch Cheese Pickle Dip, and judging by the creator's happy dance to Miley Cyrus' "Flowers," it's safe to say it was a success. This inspired her to try ranch dressing on cheese, which also received positive reviews. If you have some salami in the freezer, don't be afraid to toss a piece or two in between the cheese and pickles (just be careful, because you might cry "tears of joy").

Are TikTok’s cheese-wrapped pickles delicious?

You may want to get some other opinions before you try this cheese pickle recipe yourself.

TikTok couple @matt_and_omar took a quick bite of pepper jack cheese, and although Omar was skeptical at first, the two San Francisco creators eventually agreed. Cookbook author Ashley Hankins, who wanted to know if the snack was as good as "everyone in the reviews said it was," tried it herself on TikTok and said it was Growing cheese pickles is “awesome.”

The craze has even spread to the other side of the pond, inspiring UK TikToker @isabellahill_ to try it with grated cheddar and mozzarella cheese and two baby pickles. The creators described the snack as "incredible" and "glorious" and said the combination of pickles and cheese was "just right."

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Just because these creators love it, doesn't mean it's for everyone. If you're not a pickle lover, you might not want to jump on this trend—or maybe your pickles have been missing a layer of fried cheese.