This TikTok viral drinking game will up the stakes at Halloween parties

There’s no better way to get in the holiday spirit than by incorporating themed games into your holiday party. Halloween is one of the best holidays for party games because pranks and pranks are an important part of the celebration. Finding the right themed games for your Halloween party can be a little tricky, though.

Most people these days are horrified to think that we've all been in the same communal apple barrel at one point, and that costume contests can only get you so far. Luckily, TikTokers have found the perfect Halloween game, and all you need is a pumpkin and some forks. Some people call it "putting a fork in it."

If you're looking for the perfect drinking game to get you and your party guests super excited (get it?), here's everything you need to know about Put Your Forks In.

What is putting a fork in?

Putting a fork in it seems to have been first popularized by TikToker @kchev21. In September 2022, they posted a TikTok detailing the perfect last-minute Halloween drinking game, which has received more than 1.7 million likes and more than 11.6 million views.

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The player called "Put the Fork in" will place a pumpkin on the table, preferably near the center of the party. The goal of the game? Put the fork in it. Each player will have a fork (or forks) with their name tag on it and will try to stick the fork into the pumpkin without anyone noticing.

If someone catches you, they yell, "Fork you!" and then you have to try it. Or, of course, a sip of your favorite beverage always works too. The original poster later clarified some additional stakes: The last person to stick a fork into the pumpkin must take a double shot. Horrifying incident!

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This game has quickly become a go-to for Halloween party planning and general spooky season gatherings. Take this Hocus Pocus watch party, for example, which cleverly incorporated the Stick a Fork in It game into their night.

How to play the put the fork in game?

To play the Put the Forks In game, you'll need a pumpkin, a fork for each party guest, and a name tag for each guest. Oh, and alcohol or other holiday beverage of your choice. Why not whip up a Halloween cocktail to add some excitement?

Explain the rules, have your glass ready, and stay alert.