Pillsbury Just Released Chocolate Funfetti Cake Mix and Chocolate Cake Mix and It's Sold Out

There are existential questions that have continued to puzzle humanity for generations: Where did we come from? What is our purpose? Why doesn’t Funfetti cake mix contain chocolate? Finally, we have an answer to one of these questions, as Chocolate Funfetti Cake Mix already exists and is available for purchase. No longer will we have to face the age-old conundrum of chocolate and Funfetti. We can have both. (I didn’t cry. You did.)

Instagram foodie @foodiewiththebeasts originally spotted a box of Chocolate Funfetti Cake Mix at ACME Supermarket on July 4th. As the name suggests, this cake mix is ​​exactly the same as the original Funfetti cake mix, except with a vanilla base instead of chocolate. You can use it to make Chocolate Funfetti Cupcakes. You can use it to make layered chocolate Funfetti cake. You can use chocolate cake mix to make Funfetti Cookies, Funfetti Dessert Bars, or even Funfetti Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches. Add a dash of Chocolate Funfetti Cake Mix to your waffles, shakes and daily vitamins. There's really no wrong way to enjoy chocolate Funfetti.

The only (expected) downside is that the cake mix seems to be in limited supply or completely sold out at many retailers. You can check out the Pillsbury product locator to see where you can buy a box of Chocolate Funfetti Cake Mix near you.


Chocolate Funfetti cake mix is ​​long overdue. This is the final piece in Pillsbury's extensive Funfetti range. In addition to the classic vanilla mix, there is also Funfetti Brownie Mix, Funfetti Blonde Mix and Funfetti Cookie Mix. Vanilla Funfetti frosting has been around for a while and comes in just about every color, from aqua to bold purple to unicorn. (Yes, "unicorn" is a color, just like "Funfetti" is a flavor. Keep up.)

Of course, there's never a shortage of homemade chocolate Funfetti cake. It's just a matter of finding the perfect balance of powdered sugar to add, and which ones will clash with the brownie batter. Now you don't have to spend time picking out powdered sugar because Chocolate Funfetti Cake Mix does all the hard work for you. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions on the back of the box, relax, and enjoy your time thinking about other things. Like whether Neopolitan Funfetti cake mix is ​​the next natural step, and whether Funfetti vegetables are the inevitable choice.

If you really want to take your love of all things Funfetti to the next level, there are plenty of Funfetti recipes you can try from scratch or upgrade your boxed cake mix. For example, you can top it with more Funfetti by sprinkling more Funfetti on top . Bonus points if you use these Unicorn Barf Sprinkles from Fancy Sprinkles. Best wishes to you and your family.