You can now buy a DIY Santa's sleigh from Cadbury

One year has passed in 2020. On the plus side, this means chocolate is now essentially a staple food. If you're like me and find any opportunity to eat chocolate a welcome relief, then you'll be excited about Cadbury's latest launch: the Santa's Sleigh Kit 2020.

This special kit follows in the festive footsteps of last year's epic chocolate house (like a gingerbread house, but better ) and is packed with all kinds of DIY fun. The kit costs £14 and is described on Cadbury's website as "a delicious and fun gift." (It's also great to buy yourself.)

Self-assembly kit includes Milk Stick, Milk Hollow Santa, Curly Wurly, Freddo, Fudge Chomp and White Button. Of course there are instructions. What can we say? The confectioners have cracked it.

Cadbury fans agreed, leaving dozens of comments on an IG post introducing the new dessert.

The sled kit is available through Cadbury's official website and the Next website and makes the perfect gift. Last year's festive new arrivals are also in stock at Morrisons, Asda and Ocado, but there's no word yet on whether the Christmas miracle will be repeated this year. I will let you know as soon as I know.

Cadbury Santa Sleigh Kit Cadbury

It's best to snap up your Christmas gifts before time, of course, before the actual product runs out.