This Cheesecake Factory merch is for the true chain restaurant fanatic

After months of beach day trips and pool picnics, your usual beach essentials are probably pretty worn out. Dirty towels, scuffed bags – it’s not a good look for your last few days in the sun. You should probably upgrade your accessories before they're gifted to you permanently, and luckily, creative cooking collective Chain is releasing a line of limited-edition summer essentials, all inspired by The Cheesecake Factory, because, well ….

If you weren't able to snag Chain's reversible stained glass cabana hat from its collaboration with Pizza Hut earlier this year, you wo n't want to miss out on this release. Launching on August 10th, the Cheesecake Factory-approved collection includes two goodies that are as sweet as your go-to cheesecake: the Chain Restaurant Beach Tote and the Chillest Freakin Summer Terrycloth Beach Towel. Like the Hut Hat, these limited-edition items were designed in collaboration with Jen Lewis, so you know they're good – the tote features the easy-to-identify yellow, brown, green and pink striped pattern plastered on the chain's takeaways bags, while beach towels are inspired by the vibrant, eye-catching and captivating ceiling of the much-loved restaurant.

Provided by chain stores

Fans of The Cheesecake Factory are sure to find various references to the original artwork, such as gorgeous watercolor flavors and classic bird imagery. The mural-like towels also feature a host of new summer touches, such as lobster, avocado cones, seashells, beach balls and more.

Provided by chain stores

The collection will be available in limited quantities on the Chain website while supplies last and will launch on August 10 at 12pm ET. It's unclear when these items will be available, so you may want to set a reminder before they become available. case so you don't miss out. The colorful tote bag sells for $40, while the museum-worthy towels cost $100.

IYDK, Chain is a restaurant and consumer products company founded by television writer BJ Novak and chef Tim Hollingsworth. Chain restaurants are known for creating immersive dining experiences with one-of-a-kind offerings that will make you nostalgic for your travels to your favorite chain restaurants. The company has partnered with several household name restaurant chains in the past, including Taco Bell, Chili's, Friendly's and, of course, Pizza Hut.

You'll want to take as many trips to the beach as possible before summer is over. You might as well do it in style—while representing your favorite restaurant chain.