Trader Joe's Lobster Gummies are the candy you didn't know you needed

Candy fans, assemble! You'll want to make room in your candy drawer—we all have a candy drawer, right? — Because Trader Joe's new lobster gummies are here. They are lobsters! They are gummies! They're almost too cute to eat... almost .

Last summer, Trader Joe's relaunched their beloved Scandinavian Swimmers gummy bags. As the name suggests, they are the grocery store brand equivalent of Swedish fish. But... they mean so much more than that. They're like the Swedish fish's cool cousins, hanging out together before school starts back up. They're just what every chewy forbidden toy tastes like you imagine. They're the candy your childhood wanted and the candy your adult tastes deserve.

The original Scandinavian Swimmer combo includes four different shapes and flavors: orange rockfish, blue huckleberry dolphin, yellow mango peach seahorse and, of course, berry red lobster. Now, they've launched a product dedicated to our most cherished crustacean: berry red lobster.

Each 4-ounce bag costs less than $1 ($0.99 to be exact). add? They are vegetarian. (Sorry to burst your candy bubble, but most gummies are not vegan or vegetarian. Most gummies are made with gelatin, which is made from cooked animal parts like bones, horns, and Skin ) blend. Yes, really ) but don’t worry: Lobster Gummies are completely plant-based.

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These gummy treats tend to be among customers' favorite candies at Trader Joe's, along with fan favorites Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and Dark Chocolate Almonds with Sea Salt and Turbinado Sugar. They're so beloved that there's a Trader Joe's gummy for almost every occasion. There are Valentine’s Day gummies. Here are Halloween gummies. There are gummies for spring, happy times, and cravings for something sour.

If you really want to take your love of fudge to the next level, or you just want to watch something weirdly satisfying, there are behind-the-scenes videos on YouTube of the process of making Trader Joe's fudge. Also, because the gummies are vegan, you don't have to worry about seeing the extremely disturbing process of making the gelatin. You can have fun placing gooey colorful candy mixture into fun sea creature shapes.

Trader Joe's also created a video/ad for the new lobster gummies called "Just The Lobster Follies," in case you're in the mood to watch a bunch of plastic lobsters don top hats in stop-motion animation. Watch and call it dinner and a show as you enjoy a new bag of gummies. Your soft lobster, your rules.