On TikTok, 'Snack Boxes' Are the Best Way to Carry Cooked Meals on the Go

Avoid letting sand get into your deli display case and invest in your own "snack box" - a tackle box for fishing, but instead of holding worms, fishing line or bobbers, it acts like a box for your most important items. Love cheese, crackers and fruit. -Go to the deli. Basically, TikTok creators are making their charcuterie boards more accessible by transforming their tackle boxes into the ultimate "snack box." TikTok parents started the trend back in November 2019 by grabbing a plastic tool box from the nearest dollar store and filling it with their kids' favorite items. Then parents realize this doesn’t have to be just for kids – there are also some more exciting snacks that can be added to satisfy their cravings.

Since then, parents have continued to invest more in the trend, starting with one-tier plastic tackle organizers and eventually moving on to multi-tier tackle boxes. People started sharing how they customize their own snack boxes - from explaining recipes, to solution box suggestions, and even how to make snack boxes for toddlers and adults alike. Snack boxes, also affectionately known as adult lunches, are the perfect way to take your favorite snacks with you on the go. The hashtag #SnackleBox has overtaken food TikTok with more than 6 million views.

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When did snack boxes become popular?

Whether it's a family road trip, a national park picnic or a beach day, the Snackle Box is the ultimate summer fun product. On November 6, 2019, @AylaJalyn posted a video on TikTok to introduce her 5.7 million followers to her parenting savior, the Snackle Box, which makes her hungry kids less "hungry" while traveling. She said she discovered the hacking on Pinterest years ago and has never betrayed it since. Jarin filled the snack box with marshmallows, nuts, cookies, chips and, of course, Goldfish crackers. She said the snacks can be kept for up to a week and essentially fit in your child's diaper bag. With a snack box, you never have to lose your temper again.

In the years since, millennial parents have given Jalyn's snack boxes their own twist—upgrading from a plastic box to a large tackle box that only the most skilled fishermen can use. From 2019 to late 2021, Snackle Box was primarily used as a parenting hack—unbeknownst to those outside the TikTok parenting community. However, in June 2022, people without young children at home began to follow this trend and add their favorite snacks to their snack boxes. If only it could hold an alcoholic drink or two…

On June 26, @SkyBut took Snackle Box to the next level. She took a product originally meant to relieve hunger in children and made it suitable for adults. Instead of buying a single-wall plastic box, Skylar bought a tackle box on Amazon for less than $20 and filled it with meat, cheese, cashews, dried fruit, olives and even some dill pickles. This tool box holds four tiers of delicious treats, each with organizational dividers to separate snacks. Seriously, the slow-motion video of her opening a box of snacks looks pretty satisfying. Snack boxes are designed for bachelorette parties and are a safe place to hang snacks while they cruise the lake all day. Skylar's clever idea quickly racked up 2.2 million views and unsurprisingly ranked high in quite a few comments.

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Some people are big fans of the Snackle Box 2.0, with one reviewer saying, “This is the best thing I’ve seen all week.” Another said, “The deli kit is the most Southern thing I’ve ever seen… …I love it.” Snack boxes are clearly the key to solving the snacking problems of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts.

Along with the obsession with the upgraded snack box, a few questions and concerns have arisen. "It's a nightmare to clean," one commenter said, while others were concerned about whether the plastic used to make the snack boxes was food safe. Many people have asked Skylar how to keep refrigerated items cold. Someone suggested she put ice in the bottom, to which Skylar responded: "That was our original idea! But we had so much fruit, so we decided to use the bottom and put the snack boxes in the freezer." When you make your own Treat boxes and when heading to Walmart or Amazon, make sure the plastic in the tackle box is made from FDA-approved plastic.

What started as a snack for parents of hungry kids has turned into a snack haven for adults, keeping everyone's favorite snacks tucked away, safe and ready to eat during the long days of sunshine. If you want to add your own snack box to your summer activities, make sure you have all your favorite snacks ready, confirm the plastic is food-safe, and don't forget to add some adult-friendly snacks. Place your snack box in a cooler filled with ice and you'll never have to worry about summer snacks again. Snack boxes are definitely not just for kids.

Want to try the snack box trend for yourself? Check out the options below for your next beach day, picnic, or road trip.

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