Royal family's 'surprising' dining tradition goes viral on TikTok

The British royal family is admired globally for its strict royal traditions, and some long-standing royal eating habits have piqued the interest of royal enthusiasts online. On TikTok, stylist Miranda Holder took a deep dive into some of the traditions people will see at formal dinners at Buckingham Palace, including the language used on the royal menu — which surprised many.

"The menu will not be written in English," Holder explained, revealing that it will be written in French as it is "the traditional official language of haute cuisine." In the viral video, Holder went on to share that when royal staff got some elements of a dinner or recipe wrong, the late Queen Elizabeth II would keep a "special comment notebook and pen next to her ” and she notices any mistakes during her meal. feedback” rather than making suggestions directly to her employees.

Outlining the royal family's love of "pomp and circumstance", Holder also revealed that the end of each meal is "marked in a very special way". She continued: "They just had the royal bagpipers playing the bagpipes."

Other TikTokers shared their thoughts on royal dining customs, with one commenting: "The real menu is always in French!" Meanwhile, another wondered about these traditions following Queen Elizabeth's death in September 2022 will continue to exist and asked, “Do you think these eating habits will stay the same?”

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These aren't the only royal dining traditions that have caught the attention of royal audiences in recent months. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar , Former royal chef Darren McGrady has revealed there's a big reason why royal children including Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are not allowed to attend official dinners with their parents.

Meanwhile, Chef Maddie previously revealed to Bustle that Prince Harry, Prince William and their late grandmother all loved chocolate desserts, and revealed the real reason why Princess Diana wasn't a big fan of champagne and cocktails.