I tried Tim Hortons & Biebs. This is what I really think

Celebrity food collaborations don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon (no complaints here), and another beloved partner is launching a new product just in time for summer tastings. Justin Bieber has always been proud of his Canadian roots, which made his collaboration with Tim Hortons almost a no-brainer. The pair developed creatively flavored donut holes last fall, and now French Vanilla Cold Brew will be a Bieber-approved pick-me-up.

In November 2021, Bieber and Tim Hortons announced their first collaborative project - Timbiebs Timbits. The donut holes are inspired by Bieber's favorite flavors, and the lineup includes chocolate white fudge, sour cream chocolate chip and birthday cake waffles. Starting June 6, French Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee, created in collaboration with the popular artist, will be on the menu at Tim Hortons stores in Canada and the United States.

According to press materials, the drink was conceived when Bieber shared that he prefers coffee to ice. He also loves vanilla, so the French Vanilla Cold Brew seemed like a no-brainer. The drink will be on the menu and will be appropriately called "Biebs Brew." In the hilarious ad for the new menu, Bieber can be seen camping out at Tim Hortons headquarters with cold brew steeped for 16 hours. As for getting your hands on the singer's food and caffeinated beverages without having to camp out, here's everything you need to know.

When can you buy Biebs beer from Tim Hortons?

Biebs Brew will be available for a limited time at Tim Hortons stores in Canada and the United States beginning June 6. To find a Tim Hortons store near you, use this convenient store locator.

What does a Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons collaboration involve?

In addition to the new French Vanilla Cold Brew "Biebs Brew", Bieber has also collaborated with Tim Hortons to develop a line of Timbits (donuts). Flavors include Chocolate White Fudge, Sour Cream Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake Waffles.

How much does a Biebs beer cost?

While prices vary based on drink size and location, fans will be able to receive a $5 bundle of Biebs when purchasing through the Tim Hortons app. This deal gets you a large beer and a 10-pack of Timbiebs for just $5.

What does Biebs taste like?

Like Mr. Bieber, I love my coffee with ice, so it's nice to know that this partnership with Tim Hortons is helping me kick off iced coffee season. That being said, this coffee has the perfect blend of subtle coffee flavor (it's actually steeped for 16 hours to enhance the flavor) and a hint of vanilla without being overpowering. Iced coffee lovers will definitely consider this to be their top choice.