McDonald's just launched a special Valentine's Day menu

It's the most romantic day of the year, and McDonald's is happily celebrating Valentine's Day after making a big discovery. In a survey conducted on social media, the fast-food chain found that nearly half of its customers had been on a romantic date at one of its restaurants. So McDonald's has created the ultimate three-course menu to make date night as dreamy as possible.

Each dish features the brand's most popular menu items and is carefully paired to deliver the best taste and flavor. There are three entrees to choose from, including the taste bud-tingling Quarter Pounder Cheese with Summer Fruit Oasis, the savory pairing of Filet-O-Fish with Sprite Zero, and the cool and tangy Spicy Veggie Wrap with your choice of milkshake. For dessert, enjoy the "taste of a first date" with apple pie and toffee latte.

The menu coincides with the relaunch of the McDonald's app, through which users can order by following the menu and ordering individual items as needed. The fast-food chain also recommends opting for table service when organizing your dream dinner date for the ultimate surprise.


In addition to this, you can share your Valentine’s Day love story on the app for a chance to win numerous prizes, including spa breaks, Red Letter Day experiences, and more. Indeed, we have a happy Valentine’s Day.