Starbucks adds 3 new frozen lemonade refreshing drinks to summer lineup

Starbucks kicked off summer early with the announcement of new bottled Pink and Paradise drinks on April 5, and a month later launched its 2023 summer menu to further cater to warmer weather. Well, get ready to have at least three drinks on hand every time Starbucks is open this summer, because the coffee giant just launched a new line of icy refreshing drinks, and Frozen Lemonade is going to be your go-to poolside drink First choice.

There's nothing like a frozen drink to help you get through a hot day, and now you can grab the summer staple from your favorite coffee shop. The new Frozen Lemonade Refresher, available on June 27, includes three fruity flavors: Frozen Pineapple Passion Fruit Lemonade, Frozen Strawberry Acai Lemonade and Frozen Mango Pitaya Lemonade. Each drink features the refreshing taste you know and love with an icy twist and features real fruit slices, lemonade and strawberry puree to take summer vibes to the next level.

The Pineapple Passion Fruit option is sure to transport you to a tropical island with its delicious blend of pineapple and passion fruit flavors, as well as a blend of real pineapple and lemonade.

Provided by Starbucks

The Strawberry Acai variety will remind you of the nostalgic taste of pink lemonade, thanks to its strawberry and acai flavor, real strawberry slices and lemonade.

Provided by Starbucks

Tropical fruit lovers will love the Mango Pitaya drink, which is a blend of mango and dragon fruit flavors, real dragon fruit and lemonade.

Provided by Starbucks

If the frozen drink is a little "too" cold for you, you can always opt for the regular version, and if you're looking for a caffeine fix this summer, don't forget to check out the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cream Cold Brew or the Chocolate Java Mint Star Frappuccino, this is new for summer 2023. The cold brew features a creamy blend of macadamia nut syrup and Starbucks classic cold brew coffee, then topped with white chocolate macadamia nut cream cold foam and toasted cookie crumbs. The Frappuccino, on the other hand, pairs white chocolate mint spread with rich mocha and crunchy Frappuccino chips for a delicious new mint chocolate chip ice cream flavor.

From frozen lemonade to cold coffee, no matter which beverage you choose, Starbucks has all your summer drinking needs covered.