Marks & Spencer launches gin tonic Easter eggs

Easter is just around the corner and a major UK retailer is offering an alcohol-based alternative. Creative Marks & Spencer has launched a gin Easter egg that looks as delicious as it sounds.

It's aptly named 'Gin & Ton-Egg' and is available in store and online from Ocado for £5. The eggs are composed of gin-flavored milk chocolate, and the hollow snack also hides a giant pink gin-flavored button. These aren't just for extra chocolate flavor—if you shake the egg, it sounds just like ice cubes. The box itself even resembles a wine shaker.

If you want something a little non-traditional in egg shape, Marks & Spencer has you covered. There are two adorable precious milk and white chocolate bunnies, Alfie and Bella, a milk chocolate koala, Kelly, and a milk chocolate sausage dog, Walter, who all look too cute to eat. If you're ok with it, you can buy them all in a hamper for £20.

M&S Gin and Tonic Milk Chocolate Egg Ocado

For those who don't want to eat sausage dogs or koalas, M&S also offers vegetarian options in the shape of an eggplant. Originally released in January, this is sure to become one of Marks and Sparks' best-selling Easter eggs.