These three zodiac signs are the best problem solvers

It doesn't matter whether they've locked their keys in the car, gotten lost at the airport, or found themselves surrounded by confusing IKEA manuals—some people always seem to know the next steps to take.

Astrologer and spiritual counselor Wang Letao says that problem solving is easy for some zodiac signs, whether it's for yourself or a friend. He tells Bustle that while anyone can solve a problem if they just put their mind to it, these people seem to be born with all the qualities needed to solve a problem, often thanks to their guardian planet.

These people are quick-thinking, determined, and not afraid of failure. It also helps them swallow their pride and ask for help so they don't stare at the same problem for days (or weeks) in a row.

Certain zodiac signs are also naturally curious, which means they are bound to pick up little tips and tricks in their lives. They may not know why they're Googling how to fix a toilet, but they know it will come in handy eventually.

Here are the three zodiac signs that are best at solving problems, according to astrologers.

Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

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"Virgos are known for their Sherlock Holmes-like minds and attention to detail, they are the universe's answer to the human calculator," Wang said. As an earth sign, they're naturally handy, too.

"You need them to assemble Ikea furniture or unlock the mysteries of a smartphone," he said. Virgos have never encountered an application they didn't immediately understand, and they're wizards when it comes to reading instruction manuals.

This sign also knows who to call when they need extra help. Wang said that thanks to their cosmic boss Mercury, they were able to stir up a storm, pull the strings, and ultimately solve the problem. They have a lot of connections, whether it’s a mechanic fixing a flat tire or a hairstylist trimming their bangs.

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21)

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"Scorpios are known for their courage and bravery," Wang said. "Ruled by Mars and Pluto, [they] are fearless adventurers who would rather swim with the piranhas than back down from a challenge." If you tell them they can't solve something, that means They are 100 times more likely to solve problems.

Whether they're facing a small problem or a big one, this water sign will stay calm and resolve it as quickly as possible. As one of the most independent members of the zodiac, they've mastered a variety of skills, and their TikTok history is filled with DIYs and tutorials.

They are also excellent at resolving interpersonal problems, such as family quarrels or quarrels between friends. "Scorpios use their keen senses and emotional intelligence to get to the heart of a problem," Wang said. List the problem and they will come up with the perfect solution to it.

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)

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"Aquarius, occupied by Saturn and Uranus, is the alternative Picasso of the zodiac world," Wang said. "While everyone else was thinking inside the box, they were the ones trying to figure out how to turn the box into a spaceship."

When things go wrong in life, Air signs stay quiet in the background, calmly thinking about what to do next, and then taking immediate action. They are also not afraid of failure, which is exactly the attitude needed when solving problems, Wang said.

These guys aren't shy about tinkering or taking things apart to see how they work, and they don't mind asking for support, either. "Aquarius is the sign of friendship and community," Wang said, so they always assemble the perfect team to help them solve problems.


Letao Wang, astrologer and spiritual counselor