Here’s how to take advantage of May’s super lucky new moon

The best way to celebrate the new moon isn't always obvious. Should you rest and relax? Journaling and meditation? Tear down your apartment and completely redecorate? This usually depends on which sign is highlighted during this moon phase - this time it's trustworthy, stable Taurus.

This new moon will rise in the sky on Tuesday, May 7 at 8:22 pm PT, and it promises to bring an extra boost of energy. Since Taurus is an earth sign but is still ruled by Venus, keep these vibes in mind as you go about your day.

According to astrologer Stina Garbis, every new moon is a good time for manifestation, so it's something to look forward to. Unlike a full moon, which represents the end of the lunar cycle and therefore is all about letting go, a new moon can feel like a refreshing new beginning.

The actions you take during the new moon—whether it's a new habit, goal, or vision for the future—will receive a celestial boost in the weeks and months ahead. Because it's in Taurus, you'll see your manifestations come to fruition at the Full Moon in Taurus on November 15, which will mark the end of this cycle.

Continue reading below to learn the best things to do, and what you want to avoid, to make the most of the new moon in Taurus.

DO: Get back into your yoga routine

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After going through the ups and downs of Aries season, it can feel so good to roll out your yoga mat and get in some poses and deep breathing. "Stretching, or even mindful walking on the new moon, can help restore your mind-body connection," says Garbis. "Taurus is very sensual and body-oriented, so starting at the new moon to use your body in a relaxing way is also a great idea. Good habits.”

Don’t: Develop bad habits

Since this moon phase is all about starting over, consider avoiding your bad habits, especially if you're trying to break them once and for all. "For example, now is not the right time to start smoking again," Garbis said. "If you get the urge, just let it go and have a glass of water or something."

DO: A quick spring cleaning

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There’s a reason everyone feels the need to clean in the spring. According to Gabis, this is the perfect time of year to let go of the old to make way for the new—especially during this particular lunar phase.

Since this new moon is in earth sign Taurus, you may feel compelled to spend an evening in your closet taking inventory of your material possessions. If you have piles of clutter, gather a bag, fill it with items to donate, and vow to be more picky with your shopping in the future.

That said, there's no need to clean the whole place on Tuesday, especially since that chore is best left until the full moon. To embrace the new moon's energy, "maybe start by organizing a drawer," Garbis says. "If you want to rearrange your space, you can try that, too. Taurus loves their environment, but don't make it such a daunting task that you're overwhelmed and unable to complete it."

Don’t: Go on a shopping spree

Since Taurus is also ruled by luxury-loving Venus, this new moon may make you feel like you're spending extra money, especially if you've just been reorganizing your wardrobe and realized something is missing from your wardrobe. Instead of rushing to stock up on your go-to sites or favorite thrift stores, take a breather and write down something you've been meaning to buy for a while. Save up and get them little by little. This way you won’t blow your entire budget in one fell swoop.

Do: Set aside some money

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Speaking of money, "Another thing to do during this new moon is to establish recurring investments in your savings account," Garbis says. "Even an extra five dollars a week can add up over a year." She recommends taking twenty dollars per paycheck and putting that into your savings.

"If you start now, you can turn it into a big chunk of money, and you probably won't even notice that $20 is missing — it'll just become a habit," she says. Again, the New Moon cycle is about setting yourself up for future success, especially as it relates to what Taurus values ​​most.

"Taurus loves money and tends to be very good with it," she says, so now is a great time to be financially savvy.

Don’t: Take on more than you can handle

This new moon is about recovery from the chaos of April 2024. To rejuvenate after Mercury retrograde, the solar eclipse, and the full moon in Aries, it can feel good to spend the new moon in relaxation mode.

To embrace cozy Taurus energy, Garbis suggests canceling your plans, staying home, and eating a nice meal—all in true earth sign fashion. "Treat yourself to something decadent, like a delicious dessert," she says. "Taurus loves to eat, loves comfort food, and enjoys the finer things in life, so satisfying all your senses with a delicious meal would be the perfect ritual for this new moon."

DO: Develop new habits

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"Whatever you start doing on the new moon, stick with it," Garbis says. So start a new habit on May 7, whether it's drinking more water, going for longer walks, getting More sleep, or anything else you might need. Set an intention, stick to it, and let the new moon energy take the reins.

"This lunar cycle is a time when you can practice developing these habits and manifestations," she says. Think of this new moon as the beginning of a new you, and come back in a few months to see how far you've come.


Stina Garbis, astrologer