Dunkin' Valentine's Day menu includes dessert drinks

It doesn't feel like it's Valentine's Day unless you've had a Dunkin' drink, a heart-shaped donut, or both. Everyone's favorite coffee chain's menu is getting a Cupid-style makeover on January 31, which means you pretty much have to dance your way through the front door like Ben Affleck to get your hands on the tasty treats.

Dunkin' rolls out seasonal menu items every holiday, which means all of their food and drinks are now decorated in pink. The menu includes the Pink Velvet Macchiato, a sipable version of the red velvet dessert. Not only does this espresso drink look the part, it also tastes exactly like red velvet cake, thanks to its rose-colored Valentine's Day-themed layers, and even has a hint of cream cheese frosting.

As of February 21, all Dunkin' filled donuts will also feature heart-shaped shells, including best-sellers like Boston Kreme and Chocolate Creme. Any donuts that typically come with powdered sugar, such as chocolate frosting and strawberry frosting, will also get a holiday-themed makeover, adding a dash of red, white and pink to match the mood.

Read on below to see all of Dunkin's 2024 Valentine's Day gifts.

Pink Velvet Macchiato


The star of the show this season is Dunkin' Pink Velvet Macchiato. Thanks to its lovely colour, it will make the perfect Valentine's Day gift for yourself, your partner or your bestie at work, you know they will be delighted to receive such a surprise.

This iced drink is made with espresso, red velvet flavor, and the essence of cream cheese frosting, so it tastes like a decadent dessert. It's only available for a limited time, though, so drink as much of it as you can before it's gone.

Cupid's Choice Donuts


Cupid’s Choice Donuts are back for Valentine’s Day 2024. It's a heart-shaped donut stuffed with a Bavarian Kreme donut, topped with strawberry frosting and decorated with pink and red icing sugar. One bite and you're ready for the most romantic day ever.

frozen chocolate


Valentine's Day will give you a sweet tooth, so why not treat yourself to a frozen chocolate bar? It's made in the flavor of your choice and topped with whipped cream. Once you do one of these, you won't feel the need to buy half-price chocolates on February 15th. Or hey, why not buy both?

Frosted Red Velvet Donuts


This donut is the perfect accompaniment to a macchiato. It's made with a red velvet cake base, topped with vanilla frosting and a healthy dose of cream cheese powder. When you get to work, have a drink as a pick-me-up to start your day right.

Brownie Batter Donuts


If you're looking for an extra touch of chocolate, opt for the Brownie Batter Donut, which just returned for Valentine's Day. Shaped like a heart, this dessert is filled with brownie-flavored cream, topped with chocolate sauce and dusted with seasonal powdered sugar.

heart full of jelly


Jelly donuts are great any time of year, but they have a different effect on Valentine's Day, especially when they're shaped like hearts. If you stop at a Dunkin' or walk through the drive-thru, you'll see plenty of Valentine's Day options like this one, including donuts sprinkled with pink powdered sugar. You can pick one up for yourself or buy a whole box as a Valentine's Day gift.

Strawberry Dragon Fruit Refresher


Imagine how cute this pink drink would look on your cup holder while you're out running errands on Valentine's Day. It contains B vitamins and a green tea base to give you energy. Try strawberry pitaya or peach passion fruit to toast a day of love.