Your Tarot Reading for February

As the second month of 2024 approaches, I ask my tarot cards: "What do we need to know in the coming weeks?" According to this reading, the message is to do your best and let go of the rest.

The five cards I created for you represent your energy, your current situation, the obstacles you face, how to take action, and the lessons you will learn from this experience.

What are tarot cards?

These cards were originally created as a game in 15th-century Italy. They were first used as divination tools by the Roma, a diasporic people from India (sometimes called "Gypsies," a term used and recycled only by the Roma).

In the face of persecution, many of us turn to fortune telling as a means of survival. This is an example of our resilience despite oppression.

How I read tarot cards

My grandmother taught me fortune telling, specifically tarot, palmistry, and tea leaf fortune telling.

I use my work—tarot readings, writing, podcasting, and my upcoming book , Secrets of Romani Fortune Telling— to promote Romani culture and educate others.

Your Tarot Reading for February 2024

Energy: The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man represents a period of uncertainty – you may feel like you’re waiting for the road to clear. In the meantime, there are many things you can do, such as practice the spiritual lessons of surrender and sacrifice found in this card.

Trust that the universe has your back. Do your best to release what is beyond your control. Let yourself be held.

What changes can you make for your own benefit? You might find that waking up 20 minutes earlier is worth exercising, doing something creative, or eating a hearty breakfast.

These small positive adjustments do add up over time and will support you when you need to take bigger action.

Situation: Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles indicates that despite the slow energies of the Hanged Man, opportunities are before you, especially in the areas of health, wealth and home. Take these!

If you're not sure what your goals are in these areas, take a moment to imagine in detail what you want out of your life: your job, your bank account, where you live, and how you feel. You're ready to take the first step toward those dreams.

When you see an opportunity, push yourself to seize it.

Obstacle: Six of Swords

The Six of Swords represents travel and journeys. In the form of obstacles, it means you may be distressed by your rush to complete your plan, or even harbor escapist fantasies about skipping the process and getting directly to your destination.

Remember, the journey has a purpose: it provides experience, new connections with people, appropriate pace, and wisdom. Take your time; it's okay if you end up taking a hanging man's detour. Maybe you need to see something important along the way.

Action: Gold Coin Four

The Four of Pentacles reminds you to focus on building stability and abundance, whether you are in difficult times or in times of progress. Stay where you are and be grateful for what you have, but always take practical steps to achieve further success, especially in the earthly realms of career, happiness, and family.

When you have good luck, share it with others, because generosity brings more wealth. When you nourish others with your overflow, you become a blessing to yourself.

Lesson: Holy Grail Page

The Page of Cups was also your lesson card for the last month, so keep working on having kind inner conversations with yourself. Understand your emotional needs and motivations.

This card invites you to start or maintain a practice that nourishes your soul, so make room for creative and therapeutic practices, hobbies that bring you joy, meaningful relationships, and opportunities for self-reflection. You need inner balance to make decisions that are aligned with your goals.

How to Use the February 2024 Tarot Course

Take advantage of opportunities when you can, but when life slows down, use that time meaningfully by prioritizing rest, self-care, and loved ones. Sometimes fate or circumstances create a rhythm that is in your best interest. Make a conscious effort to understand these delays.

Whether you're listening to a guided meditation to focus your attention while waiting in line at the bank, or taking short-term action to complete your Ace of Pentacles moves while waiting for your long-term dream, try to make the most of those waiting periods.

To embody the spirit of the Four of Pentacles, consider how you can lift others up on your own path to success. You might follow Florian Tacorian, an activist and creator whose work focuses on others in the Roma community. Get inspired by his work.